Zaccagni-Lazzari case, FIGC-Lazio clash: National storm

SENT TO BOLOGNA- The charter train from Florence Campo Marte brought the National in Bologna around lunchtime, he managed to avoid delays in the Italian railway delirium that lasted yesterday after the accident in Rome on Friday morning. All in all punctual (given the current crisis, initiated by Macedonia and accelerated by Argentina) the clarifications, clarifications and polemical attacks of the federal president, who recently got off the wagons on which he had traveled with Mancini and the team at the vault of the Dall’Ara. Controlled tone as in his style but sharp words, from start to finish. A intervention political, with identifiable but never named targets (Lotito and De Laurentiis), the last act of an increasingly bitter confrontation from a distance. Many ideas, including the reference to case Lazzari-Zaccagni (also in this case only evoked), brought to the paradigm of the profound system crisis he denounced several times in his speech, with reverberations on the appeal of the falling Club Italia: “We are beginning to perceive a sort of detachment, for … external contamination. There is someone who presses on trying to protect their economic interests in the best possible way. Someone else does it out of grudge, with contradictory or conflicting behaviors. Maybe we should do something more, it being understood that no one is forced to live the pride of the blue jersey: you can leave, assuming your responsibilities. The choices must be respected. We will go on anyway ». A few hours later, as a reply, a long note from Lazio di Lotito, with a “sanitary” cut, arrived. For sure the next Federal Council, in two weeks, will be a must for lovers of the genre.

Attack and defense

More generally Gravina he made a detailed picture of the situation, with a premise: «The history of the world repechage makes us not very credible. We lost on the field, we’re out, let’s take it for granted. If we think that the rules need to be changed we will do it later but now it is an issue that lends itself to international mockery ». Then the president he explained: «We are not at year zero. We are working on a medium-long term plan, knowing the difficulties and criticalities of the moment ». And to follow all the thorny knots, including unprecedented self-defense. «Failure to resign after North Macedonia? An institutional role is not linked to rigor. We are back in the Coni council and are in the Uefa Executive Committee. My release would have had devastating effects. As well as that of Mancini. I stayed out of a sense of responsibility. I love to face problems, I don’t offer alibi to subjects who want to exploit a defeat on a personal level “. Poor credibility and scarce unit system have punctuated the rest of his reasoning: «On the one hand, qualification is required, without giving space to the growth of talents while requests arrive on my table to bring non-EU citizens from 2 to 10 or even free the arrival. It is also not very credible if instead of addressing cost containment in a general way, one collides for 7 months on the liquidity index of 0.5. I am ashamed if I think that in Germany it is 1. And there they made system choices, also on the enhancement of young people ». Then the illustration of a project I specify: «The only bank came from the A League, which I thank. We will do periodic internships from U16 to U21, a sort of induced academy. It will be enough ? I’m afraid not, but we are working on a systemic solution. The Federation alone is unable to make a synthesis ».

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