World Cup: the Italian couples protagonists

Let’s see in detail all the meetings that saw the Italian couples as protagonists.

NICOLAI / COTTAFAVA (ITA) – CRABB TR./BOURNE (USA) 2-0 (21-11, 21-19) –

Mission accomplished by the blues Paolo Nicolai and Samuele Cottafava, winners of the third consecutive match in pool K against the Americans Crabb Tr./Bourne 2-0 (21-11,). In the match that was giving away the first place in the group, Paolo and Samuele showed off a show of strength, leaving no way out for their opponents. Perfect the first set of the Italian couple, absolute masters of the field. The Americans immediately went into great difficulty and Nicolai-Cottafava had a free way (21-11).
The second fraction was more balanced, the Italian duo tried again to stretch, but Crabb Tr.-Bourne did not give up so easily (15-15). The balance was broken by Nicolai-Cottafava, cold to close the game on (21-19). Paolo and Samuele will return to the field on Wednesday evening in the round of 32.

SCAMPOLI / BIANCHIN (ITA) – BORGER / SUDE (GER) 0-2 (19-21, 18-21) –

In the match at 10pm the blue Claudia Scampoli and Margherita Bianchin were overtaken by the Germans Borger-Sude 0-2 (19-21, 18-21). The Italians against the strong German couple played a good match, fighting in both sets. The first set was hard fought, the two teams responded blow by blow, arriving in a draw on (19-19). In the end Claudia and Margherita wasted some good opportunities and the Germans took advantage of it.
Tomorrow Clauda and Bianchin will be involved in Lucky Losers match against Chilean rivas Zapata – Chris (3 pm).

Similar the script of the second fraction, Scampoli-Bianchin have always remained in contact with the Germans with determination, but in the key moment they did not make it to place the decisive break.
“When you play against these pairs you know very well that winning or losing is a matter of episodi – said Margherita Bianchin – the Germans have an edge, because in crucial moments they seem lucky but this is not the case at all. We are taking steps forward “. “They have a life and an experience to be envied – added Claudia Scampoli – we can only learn. Being so close to beating them gives us a lot of hope to move forward in this World Cup and play it as protagonists “.


Forfeit of the Orsi Toth sisters due to the injury suffered yesterday by Viktoria in the match against the German Tillmann / Muller. This is how Viktoria and Reka greet the world championship.

CARAMBULA / ROSSI – BRUNO SCHMIDT / SAYMON 2-1 (18-21, 21-19, 18-16) –

Great show in the afternoon challenge that was giving away the first place in Pool A, between the blues Carambula-Rossi and the Brazilians Bruno S.-Saymon. An exciting and hard-fought challenge that lasted for over an hour of play, finally rewarding the Italian couple 2-1 (18-21, 21-19, 18-16).
From the first set the two teams did not spare each other, showing a very high level of play. In the final the Brazilians placed the winning break and the set ended on (18-21).
The challenge has risen further in the second fraction, Adrian and Enrico have tried the extension several times, but the South Americans have always responded, keeping the set equal on (19-19).
In the long run, the determination of Carambula-Rossi prevailed over the resistance of the Brazilians, forced to surrender to the advantages (22-20).
Equally spectacular was the tie-break, during which the two couples entered into a close confrontation (9-9). There were several changes in command, until the advantages were reached again, when Carambula-Rossi secured the victory and first place in the group (18-16). The Azzurri were already certain of qualification for the round of 32.

These are the words of Adrian Carambula: «It was a fantastic match, we are delighted to have won. We gritted our teeth, despite the physical difficulties, and I have to thank Enrico Rossi for the great work he did on the pitch today. Now we rest and then from Wednesday head to the round of 32. “
Enrico Rossi: “I am very happy with the result. We took the field already certain of qualification for the elimination phase, but we did not spare ourselves to give spectacle to the audience present. Now we have a day to recharge the batteries, then we will concentrate on the knockout phase ».

LUPO / RANGHIERI (ITA) – BRYL / LOSIAK (POL) 2-0 (28-26, 21-16) –

Great victory for Daniele Lupo and Alex Ranghieri, 2-0 (28-26, 21-16) over the Poles Bryl-Losiak. A very important success that launches the blue couple in first place in the group and directly qualifies them to the round of 32. Under the eyes of CONI president Giovanni Malagò, Daniele and Alex created a very tight first set, with neither team willing to give up. In the final Lupo-Ranghieri they had the merit of being more concrete and so they imposed themselves on the advantages. Charged with the victory of the first set, in the second the Azzurri dictated the law and for the opposing couple there was nothing more to do.

«We are delighted with the result we have achieved today. We had some problems at the beginning but then we were good at staying focused all the time. We have grown since the first game. Daniele helped me to find myself, it was not easy to play such a hot match with the Polish boys who won the last two tournaments of the Beach Pro Tour ».

WINDISCH / DAL CORSO (ITA) – KANTOR / RUDOL (POL) 1-2 (24-22, 13-21, 9-15) –

In the last match of the group the blues Jakob Windisch and Gianluca Dal Corso were defeated by the Poles Kantor-Rudol (POL) 1-2 (24-22, 13-21, 9-15), a heavy knockout that condemns the Italian couple at the exit of the tournament. By virtue of the worst points quotient with the Poles and with the Chileans Grimalt-Grimalt Jakob and Gianluca finished their group in fourth place.
After an excellent first set, won by the advantages, in the second Windisch-Dal Corso they suffered the game of the opponents and so we went to the tie-break. In the decisive set the Italian couple failed to react and the Poles obtained victory and qualification.

These are the words of Gianluca Dal Corso: « In the first set, things worked very well, while from the second we suffered a decline. The Poles started beating more on me and in the end we weren’t lucid in attack ».
These are the words of Jakob Windisch: «We are happy anyway, we have expressed a high level game. This tournament must be a starting point ».

BENZI / BONIFAZI (ITA) – LUINI / PENNINGA (NED) 0-2 (16-21, 20-22) –

The fourth day of competitions of the beach volley world championship opens with a defeat by Carlo Bonifazi and Davide Benzi. On the sand of the central Foro Italico, the Italian couple was defeated with the result of 2-0 (21-16, 20-22) by the Dutch Luini / Penninga. Result that forces the Azzurri to take the field tomorrow in the first round of direct elimination. A first set that saw the blue couple a little contracted to the advantage of the rivals who with the passage of time increase the advantage (17-11) to close at 21-16. A bit of regret in the second half of the game; a point-to-point battle featured throughout the second set. To win once again the Dutch who close at 22-20 advantages.

These are the words of Davide Benzi: «In today’s match against Holland we could have done something more in the first set. It was a hard-fought partial and in these cases the episodes also count “.
These are the words of Carlo Bonifazi: We approached this World Cup with the idea of ​​playing our best beach volleyball. Apart from the first match played against the Olympic champions Mol-Sorum, in the other matches we have shown that we can have our say. Today there is a bit of regret because we had the opportunity to bring the game to the tie-break. Now let’s recharge the batteries to play the lucky losers tomorrow and try to hit the round of 32 “.

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