World Cup: the blue derby is won by Gottardi / Menegatti

ROME-Thanks to the 2-0 success (25-23, 21-15) over Scampoli / Bianchin, Marta Menegatti and Valentina Gottardi have gained access to the quarter-finals of the world championship in progress at the Foro Italico. For Marta Menegatti this is the third time in her career after the fifth place in 2019 in Hamburg (paired with Orsi Toth) and in 2013 in Stare Jablonki (with Cicolari), for Italy women, in general, this is the fourth time if we also consider the fifth place of Bruschini / Solazzi in 2001 in Klagenfurt.


In the round of 16 the blue Marta Menegatti and Valentina Gottardi won the Italian derby against Claudia Scampoli and Margherita Bianchin 2-0 (25-23, 21-15).
The blue couple, thanks to today’s success, will take the field again tomorrow at the Foro Italico power plant to face the Canadians Bukovec-Brandie (8 pm).
The first set of the match between Menegatti / Gottardi and Scampoli / Bianchin was characterized by a substantial balance, neither couple managed to stretch (13-13). Marta and Valentina tried to break the tie (15-13), but the opponents responded promptly (19-20). The logical consequence were the advantages, Scampoli / Bianchin first had the set ball (19-20), but Menegatti / Gottardi (25-23) won it.
In the second half Marta and Valentina played strong matches (6-3), putting the opposing couple in difficulty. Remnants / Bianchin held out until (8-7), then a winning service from Menegatti started a long run that led to the set (12-7). Remnants and Bianchin made a series of mistakes and slipped further back, while the opponents no longer made any mistakes and deservedly earned the quarter-finals (21-15).


Marta Menegatti- «Today’s match against Claudia and Margherita has a special flavor because playing a derby at home is something very fascinating. We were good at both tactical and emotional management for most of the match and this allowed us to win. We are satisfied and very happy for what we have shown on the pitch. For me this is the third quarter-final in a World Cup and to have achieved this result here at home is wonderful. For me it is always magical to play at the Foro Italico, I still remember the emotions I experienced in 2011 here in Rome and I am really happy to have relived them again today ».

Valentina Gottardi «Tomorrow’s match will certainly be very tough. Playing a quarter-final is never easy, especially when it comes to a World Cup. The Canadians Bukovec / Brandie that we will face are a very strong team, we will have to be concentrated from the beginning and put the right nastiness on every ball ».

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