World Cup.  Synchro.  Third team in the preliminaries.  The duo closes fifth


Three minutes of evolutions and the provisional third place. The blue team approaches the final with the courage and strength of superheroes. In the preliminary of the 18-team coach he remains behind only the China vice world champion and to Japanfourth in South Korea (with 1.3 points). Domiziana Cavanna, Linda Cerruti, Costanza Di Camillo, Costanza Ferro, captain Gemma Galli, Marta Iacoacci, Marta Murru and Enrica Piccoli, under the severe but reassuring gaze of the technical director Patrizia Giallombardo and the manager responsible for the team exercises Roberta Farinelli they all deserve the 89.5775 points they receive from the juries: 27.0000 for the execution, 27.4000 for the artistic impression and 36.3049 for the five elements. China leads the ranking with 94.0039 and Japan follows it with almost 2.8 points behind (91.2049). Greece, which in Gwangiu had finished eighth, this time is fifth and also behind France, which makes the counter-overtake compared to the world championship three years ago, when it closed in ninth place.
After the disappointment for the faded medal on the wool thread, the enthusiasm for this result. “Yesterday after Linda’s single we recharged ourselves, we were close to her and she recovered great – says captain Gemma Galli – and we wish you a big good luck for the free. We told ourselves that we have to think race by race and move forward because the world championship is still long. Today it was a more complicated and tiring team than yesterday’s with so many technical elements that require a lot of concentration. We are happy, we swam well, with some elements to fix. The technicians were also satisfied ”. And on the final “all legs up” he explains: “that is the sequence, the part of the legs where there is also an eight piece that we put at the end to increase the difficulty. It is very demanding. All head and heart “. Final appointment on Tuesday 21 June at 4 pm.


There is noUkraine, who, a few hours after the race, communicated the renunciation. With the arrival in Italy, welcomed by the Italian Swimming Federation first at the Federal Center of Ostia and then in Savona, and the resumption of training, they were working on the team’s new technical exercise. Change music and choreography. They did not have time to complete it as they wanted and will probably propose it to the European Championships in Rome2022. S.Without them, silver at the European Championships in Budapest 2021 and bronze at the World Championships in Gwangju 2019, a place on the podium and in the world ranking is freed up.


In the final of the double technical Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro, among the most close-knit and long-lived couples of the Made in Italy synchro, in the fifth world together, clubmates in the Navy and Rari Nantes Savona and friends even out of the water, repeat the new exercise after 48 hours, swam on the pop rap song that tends to show the different abilities of the couple, with a fresh and joyful style, much more danced than the previous ones. Music is A little party never killed nobody, by Fergie, Q Tip & GoonRock and the choreography is by Svetlana Romashina.
The juries confirm the fifth placealthough the performance was very impactful and involved the public who, during the race, marked the notes and in the end gave the blue a standing ovation. Sweet and bitter fifth place, because it is very close to Japan which has changed one of the two elements compared to three years ago but which has maintained a high technical rate. Linda and Costanza, twenty years of sync together, closed with 89.8733, slightly improving the score of Friday’s preliminary round (89.4116). The execution jury assigns 27,2000 (more than to the Japanese ones), that of the artistic impression 27,1000 (equalizing the advantage over Japan) and that of the elements 35,5733 deciding in fact the fifth position; to Japan they give 35,6444 for a total of 89,9444.
Wins the China, with the new couple Liuyi and Oianyi Wangwho receives the baton from the 2019 vice world champions Huang Xuechen and Sun Wenyan, with 93.7536 points (28.2000, 28.4000 and 37.1536) but the surprise is Austria which from eighth place in Korea rises to third here in Budapest. Great progress also in the score: in three years Anna-Maria and Eirini Alexandri go from 87.0654 to 91.2622. For them a bronze medal that tastes like gold. Silver medal to the Ukrainian twins Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiva who with 91.8617 (27.7000, 27.9000 and 36.2617) do not improve the score that teammates Marta Fiedina and Anastasiya Savchuk had obtained in Gwangiu (92.5847 for the bronze) but conquer a more metal prestigious.
“It was a beautiful finale with an exercise that we love very much – Linda Cerruti begins – and makes us have fun in the water. We are very satisfied with ourselves. Too bad for the score because we were hoping to convince the judges that we were better than Japan. We will continue to swim and do our best in every single race hoping to be able to change the judges’ minds before the end of the world championship, which for us is a bit of a marathon “.
“Before the race we told each other that we have been swimming together for more than twenty years now and we still have the same desire to train and compete – continues Costanza Ferro – Seeing that we are behind Japan by a tenth of a point is a bit sorry and a bit stimulates us to work and do better and better ”.

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