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The great love of Sultan Suleiman, called the Magnificent or the Legislator, which marked the history of the Ottoman Empire. The famous letters written to the Ukrainian slave. The dream of a fascinating and sensual east full of mysteries and tragedies, amidst the intrigues and opulence of the Harem Topkapi.
It is the theme of the free combined with which the blue open the second day of the synchronized World Cup. The three juries seem to appreciate the award their 90.9667 points which are worth the provisional third place: 27.1000 for the execution, 36.6667 for the artistic impression and 27.2000 for the difficulties. In Gwangju 2019, with the different formation for 3/10, Italy finished fifth (91.4667).
The music is taken fromKoser album by Aytekin Atas, forty-four years old Turkish composer, over twenty thousand followers on Instagram. The choreography is by the trio Vlada Chigireva, Aleksandra Patskevic and Svetlana Romashina. The blue combo is the penultimate to perform. Together with the captain Gemma Galli, Domiziana Cavanna, Linda Cerruti, Costanza Di Camillo and Costanza Ferro, Marta Iacoacci and our miss Italy Marta Murro, Enrica Piccoli, Federica Sala and Francesca Zunino twirl.
“There was a beautiful energy in the water – he says Gemma Galli, from this year promoted to captain blue – and it was a great emotion. We had the chills inside. It’s a beautiful combination, a competitive and innovative exercise where we make round movements that are more difficult to synchronize. The style is Russian, therefore that of the Olympic champions; we have tried and I would say that the result is excellent “.
Suleiman was sultan and padiscah of the Ottoman Empire from 1520 until his death and one of the most important monarchs in Europe in the sixteenth century, bringing his people to their peak. His story and his loves fascinate our team, and beyond. “The idea comes from the television series that fascinated us. We couldn’t have started better. We also made the city cry “, concludes the captain of the combo that presented Iacoacci, Murru and Zunino instead of Callegari, Deidda and Pezone.


To close our sisters swim Ukrainian Myriam and Vladoslava Aleksina, Olesia Derevianchenko, Marta Fiedina, Veronika Hryshko, Sofia Matsiievska, Daria Moshynska, Anhelina Ovchynnikova, Anastasia Shmonina and Valeriya Tyshchenko that immediately jump to first place with 93.9333 points (28.2000, 37.7333 and 28.0000). Seconds the Japanese who precede us with 92.8333 And fourth the Greek, for now at a safe distance with more than four points of delay (86.9333). But the last word is always up to the final, scheduled for Monday 20 June at 4 pm.


Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero I’m immediately ahead of everyone with 88.5734 points. The new mixed couple of Made in Italy sync, club mates in theAurelia Swimming and the Fiamme Ororeceives 27.0000 from the execution jury, 26.7000 from that of the artistic impression and 34.8734 from the third one who examines the elements and which affects the overall evaluation by 40%.
The notes of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem and Anastasia Ermakova’s choreography mark the movements and evolutions in the water. The sacred composition of 1800 is dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni with whom the composer shared the Risorgimento values ​​of freedom and justice that led to the unification of Italy. A tribute to the history of our country and also a hymn to recovery and the return to normalcy.


How many emotions! Start by telling them Lucretia. “The wait was very tiring from a mental point of view, because every year it seemed like we could go, to be close to the races and then something happened that sent us back. Being here is very important, it goes beyond the score and the progress of the race. In the end I was moved to think that we finally made it and that I was able to prove to myself, even before others, that I had succeeded. Having achieved all this with Giorgio, who is a special friend and a great champion, makes me even happier. With the youth national team I was used to swimming as a team and now being two with the whole boundless pool was a unique sensation that I enjoyed moment by moment “.
“It was certainly beautiful and liberating – continues the 2017 world champion in Budapest – like taking off a band-aid that had been there for three years. Now we are even more convinced of what we can do and we know how we react in the race, given that so far we had only competed in the absolute. Such a large stage did not scare us, on the contrary it thrilled us and therefore I can’t wait to swim in the final and correct all the indications given to us by the technicians ”.


Behind them the Japan with a completely new couple compared to the one that won bronze in South Korea, composed of Tomoka and Yotaro Sako, who total 85,8086 (in Gwangju there were Abe Atsushi and Adachi Yumi) and Chinese Shi Haoyu and Zhang Yiyaowho had been fifth in 2019, receiving 84.8732.


Minisini and Ruggiero have been training together for three years. Giorgio is his in the fourth world championship with a gold, three silver and two bronze medals won in Kazan 2015, Budapest 2017 and Gwangju 2019. Lucrezia on her debut in the “world of adults” after three years in the junior team (2016 / 2019) with which he won the bronze medal at the 2017 Europeans. Their friendship and their sharing of events are their strength and make the difference. Giorgio and Lucrezia have been training together since September 2019 but have been unable to compete for a long time, first due to the pandemic and then to Covid which stopped them. Now this technician has restarted with another music, another theme and a lot of awareness.


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