World Cup.  Synchro.  Cerruti fourth in the technical

We are only at the beginning and Linda Cerruti, 29 years old next October 7, registered with Marina Militare and Rari Nantes Savona, can look at the glass half full. In the final of the tech only she improves her score and files those mistakes made and admitted during the preliminaries. It is fourth with 89.0142 points and a convinced and mature proof. The juries confirm the positions of the preliminaries and grant everyone a few or half points more. The bronze medal goes to the neck of the Greek Evangelia Platanioti, vice European champion, who receives 89.5110 (88.6163 in the preliminaries) and cries of joy in the immediate embrace by the pool with the technicians.


The Japanese Yukiko Inuiworld champion bronze in South Korea, is the new world champion with 92.8662. With her gentle movements he glides on the water and fills the space with personality and interpretative spirit. She improves her preliminary score (91.9189) and deserves all 28.2000 of the execution and artistic impression and 36.4662 of the five elements. The European champion Marta Fiedina, penultimate in the exhibition, remains second and silver making his score rise to 91.9555 (90.9382 in the preliminaries).


Linda Cerruti’s tech, on the notes of Gift of the Gods, Two Steps from Hell & Nick Phoenix with choreography by Vlada Chigirevais a tribute to gratitude and to the greatest, universal prayer, which translates into the word thank you.
“In the water I tried to enjoy the race, have fun without conditioning and trying to do my best – comments the blue single player – My direct opponent Evangelia Platinioti did well. I’m down from the podium, I’m so sorry and hopefully in the next races. These first few days in Budapest have been very tough, with a lot of work before and after the races and a great emotion of being able to participate in a World Championship again. In this pool I participated in my first international event with the senior national team, the European championships, and I remember that I was absolutely afraid “. The eyes begin to sparkle. The difference with Evangelia Platinioti, who was just as good today, is minimal. For both 27.2000 of artistic impression; in the execution Linda receives 27.1000 and Evangelia 27.4000, with the five elements the blue gets 34.7142 and the Greek 34.9110.


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