World Cup.  Cerruti and Ferro fifth after the preliminary.  Saturday Minisini and Ruggiero


Two years later, at their fifth world championship as a couple, Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro, club mates (Marina Militare and Rari Nantes Savona) and friends in lifein the middle of the preliminary they occupy the second place and in the evening they slip to fifth with 89.4116 points, divided into 26.8000 of execution, 27.3000 of artistic execution and 35.3116 for the elements. In South Korea in 2019 they scored 90.1743 in the final. “So far, scores are a bit lower than in the previous World Cup”, in the words of the two Italians. The Chinese Liuyi Wang and Qianyi Wang lead the provisional ranking with 92.6378 (27.9000, 28.0000 and 36.7378).
New exercise, very engaging, which they repeated up to half an hour before the competition. A pop rap song was chosen to show the different abilities of the couple, daring a fresh, joyful and more danced style. Music is A little party never killed nobody, by Fergie, Q Tip & GoonRock and the choreography is by Svetlana Romashina. The enveloping costumes praise the shapes, the yellow and pink enhance the color of the amber skin from the summer sun.


“With the score, although it seems that the juries are keeping a little lower than usual, we can be quite satisfied – Linda comments – This is a new exercise that is also very fun to swim. From what the coaches told us, we did the choreographic part well, albeit with some imperfections in the movements in the corners that we can and know how to treat better. On the other hand, they were very happy with the elements. We will do our best for the final ”.
“Our closest opponents are almost all in the other group – Constance continues – so we will have to wait to get the complete general picture. This is a completely different style from what we had done up to now, we decided to explore it because we like to change and measure ourselves with new things ”. They close with a smile. “We’ll have to be done for today. Now we go back to the hotel and lunch is waiting for us. We have a somewhat particular time zone “.


To find out the final classification of the preliminary it was necessary to wait until 18 with the conclusion of the second group. The 32 pairs were divided into two sessions of 16. The blue were the tenths of group B in order of appearance. The afternoon reserved the first surprise. In group A the Austrian twins Anna Maria and Eirini Alexandriseventh at the Tokyo Olympics, eighth at the World Championships in South Korea and in any case European bronze in the last edition of Budapest conditioned by the many absences due to Covid, including the Italian couple, who usually remained behind, overtake us with an exercise in which they mark 90.2869 points and throws them into third place. They also stand in front of us the Japanese Moe Higa and Megumu Yoshida, fourth with 90.0294. To close the program of the first day of mundial sync the Ukrainian twins Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiva, “our sisters” as the Italian technical director Patrizia Giallombardo defined them, promoted by the junior team, who jump to second place with 91.8565 (27.4000, 28.1000 and 36.3565).


Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero, the new mixed couple that immediately aims for the big target. Club mates (Aurelia Nuoto and Fiamme Oro), they have been training together for three years now. Giorgio is the more experienced half, already in the fourth world championship with one gold, three silver and two bronze medals won in Kazan 2015, Budapest 2017 and Gwangju 2019. Lucrezia is the younger half, at her first world championship of the greats after three years in the junior team (2016/2019) with which he boasts the bronze medal at the 2017 Europeans. He studies Law (he is finishing the third year) and is a Police Officer. Giorgio and Lucrezia have been training together since September 2019 but have been unable to compete for a long time, first for the pandemic and then for Covid which did not spare them. Now they have the opportunity to show themselves to the public all over the world, finally, and are preparing to do so with a smile and the awareness that belongs only to world stars.
Appointment Saturday 18 June at 13.00 at the Szechy pool on Margaret Island, on the banks of the Danube where you can still admire the Budapest 2017 scoreboard that takes us back five years, 59 months to be exact, to that July 17 in which Giorgio Minisini and the then Italian captain Manila Flamini, now a happy mother and wife, climbed to the top of the world in the mixed tech with their “Scream from Lampedusa”. It starts from the technician with another music, another theme, other protagonists but the same “garra”. The notes of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem and Anastasia Ermakova’s choreography. The sacred composition of 1800 dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni with whom the composer shared the Risorgimento values ​​of freedom and justice that led to the unification of Italy. A tribute to the history of our country.
“So prepared we never got there in any race – says Minisini – and therefore we know what we have to do. We are in control, we repeat it to ourselves every time, I am quite convinced of where we can go. Personally I am very happy to be back here in Budapest to which the memory of the gold medal of five years ago binds me, but I am also happy to see the differences that exist; the new plant, the new arrangement and above all the new double. What we did in 2017 with Manila Flamini remains a result that has marked the history of the Italian synchro but in this World Cup we want to give an important follow-up to our history and show what the fruit of our work is, without getting too attached to that memory. We are happy with what we bring into the water and what we have created over time. We don’t want to think too much about what can happen, but only give the best of ourselves “.
“I’m calmer than usual. I can even sleep at night – Ruggiero continues – The thing that helps me the most and that makes us a close-knit couple, together with friendship, is knowing that we can count on each other, at any moment of the race, from an emotional and professional point of view. From a technical point of view we are ready. We worked hard on it, we worked well on it and we deserve this race ”.
“This is exactly what makes the difference – adds Giorgio – I leaned a lot on Lucrezia in my down moments and she did the same with me. We have overcome even the worst situations together, such as when we tested positive at Covid one week before the European Championships. This is our strength ”.


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