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For a few days Gianmarco Pozzecco has officially been the new coach of Italy, a news that has created a sensation in the environment. In general the Poz is a very polarizing one: either you love it or you hate it. In fact, it was a while since we talked about him this year “In the shadow of Messina” he didn’t show off much.

But will Gianmarco Pozzecco be a good coach?

This is a question that many, if not all, have asked themselves. Generally the coach of the National team is a coach who has reached the end of his career (Meo Sacchetti, for example), or one who has already won a lot (Ettore Messina, Carlo Recalcati and Simone Pianigiani). Pozzecco is in neither of these two categories. As a player, the “Atomic Fly” he hardly won anything, and he himself pointed this out in the presentation conference. Only the Scudetto della Stella and an Italian Super Cup with Varese, in addition to the historic Olympic silver in Athens 2004. Even the head coach successes are not many, although certainly very important for the history of Dinamo Sassari: a FIBA ​​Europe Cup and an Italian Super Cup , as well as a Scudetto final lost to Reyer Venezia.

At the moment, therefore, it is difficult to answer the question, we can certainly say that it will be unique, as it often has been in the course of his life and his basketball career.

What Poz can bring to the national team

Today Poz is a mature coach, who has had experiences as a second (even behind phenomena such as Ettore Messina) and first. The national team could be an important step in his growth path. He is certainly not a fool, he will have carefully considered the decision to sit on the bench on which – every time there is a world championship event – millions of Italians more or less experienced in basketball sit.

The added value it can give will certainly be media exposure. A national team coached by Pozzecco is more appetizing for the media than the same with Meo Sacchetti. Newspapers and TV will always try to find an excuse to collect a title from the Italian coach but Ibizan by adoption. And this will do the movement very well, because we know that the national team – see volleyball -, if well told, can make many young people passionate about a sport.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the human relationship that the Poz has with the generation of the various Belinelli, Gallinari, Datome, Hackett. The latter officially said goodbye to the national team after the 2019 World Cup, but now he is in a sensational state of form, so much so that in recent days we have returned to talk about him precisely for Eurobasket 2022. Pozzecco-effect. Il Gallo could decide to live his personal Last Dance with Italbasket, trying to win the European Championship next September. Belinelli and Datome come from seasons not in top form, but this is really the last chance for that generation “Non-golden” to win something.

Will Gianmarco Pozzecco lead Italy to win the European Championship?

This paragraph title is also the title of the article. You know very well that it is clickbait and nobody has the answer. Who would have thought that we could have gone to the Olympics with such an inexperienced national team at the moment of the Serbia-Italy duo in Belgrade? Just a fool. Nevertheless…

But what we can say with certainty is that this Italy is a very strong team on paperwhich could count on all the phenomena of 2015 (paradoxically Hackett and Cinciarini are in better shape / better today than they were 7 years ago), with behind a gang of wild kids who grew up looking at the various Belinelli, Datome and Gallinari.

And then ohmaybe the Poz manages to convince even Paolo Banchero, that he is not really scarce, without forgetting the talent of Gabriele Procida, one of the most talked about European players in this draft.

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