Chi è Tiziana Alla, la giornalista Rai attaccata da Donnarumma

In the 5-2 defeat against Germany there was also a mistake by the goalkeeper who, with a wrong pass, gave Werner the 5-0 ball. A gift similar to that given to Benzema and cost PSG the comeback of Real in the second leg of the second round of the Champions League, with the consequent elimination of the French from the competition. During the interview at the end of the game, when the reporter compared the two ducks of the goalkeeper, the blue number one lost his temper. Who is Donnarumma angry with? With Tiziana Alla, RAI journalist who in the new course of Alessandra De Stefano at the direction of Rai Sport holds the role of sideline during the matches of the National team. She graduated in Political Science, she studied at the Urbino School of Journalism. Her father had passed on to her, as a child, a passion for football and for the stadium. You worked for ten years as a reporter at the Messaggero, as well as collaborating with Corriere dello Sport and with the monthly Bici. She joined Rai in 2000, her first commentary on her in Juventus Serie B matches in 2006-2007. In 2019 you commented on the women’s World Cup.

The quarrel with Donnarumma is not the first in Tiziana Alla’s career. In the post-match of a Verona-Varese match on June 2, 2012, Alla was in fact mistreated and offended by Andrea Mandorlini, coach of the Veneto, in an episode that some witnesses (and then the editorial board of Rai Sport) had defined “unspeakable” . Tiziana Alla spoke about the difficult role of sports journalists as follows: “There is a widespread prejudice also in the public: at Rai International we had the opportunity to have direct contact with spectators via email and I remember that many people complained about the female voice. The thing that bothers me is that they were not criticisms of merit, due to the fact that I had something wrong, but only based on a preconception. Even now I find such criticisms on social networks, both referred to me and in general “.

In his defense, on Tuesday evening, also the well-known commentator Sandro Piccinini: “Donnarumma proves unable to understand his mistakes, a significant limitation for a player of his level. Congratulations to Tiziana Alla – we read in the tweet -, not many colleagues would have asked that question”. The reporter responded with thanks. “Thanks Sandro, coming from you it’s worth a lot to me. You know well how complicated it is to manage those moments. I’ve never looked for controversies for their own sake. I only know that by doing this job, you have to ask questions”. He brings it back Republic.

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