Volpi and Garozzo, the glamorous couple of foil tells each other: "All our secrets"

Let’s start from the physical conditions and from the couple forfeit to the Absolutes.

Volpi: «I suffered a strain in my leg two weeks ago. A slight thing, but taking part in the Italian championships would have been risky ».

Garozzo: «I dealt with a disc protusion that caused a compression of a nerve root. I preferred to protect myself in view of the World Cup ».

Do the same sport and get injured together …

V: «It’s nice to train and compete together. It makes me happy”.

G: “If you are referring to the fact that we can get tired of being together, I would say no.”

Tired of you now that you are becoming a glamorous couple?

V: «I don’t feel glamorous at all. I’m a country girl ».

G: “We are glamorous because they are nice, a real couple, not the daughter of interests”.

Who did he court first?

V: «For years I have seen him as the best friend, never the boyfriend. In the end, however, after a race abroad, I realized that something had changed and I told him. He was not super convinced and for a while he was on top of him ».

G: «I had been wooing her since I was 14, she made me suffer. Did you expect to find the baby food ready? I thought of a trap (laughs, ed) and that she wanted to get engaged to leave me after two seconds … I waited a long time, but it was worth it ».

What do you like more than the other, the other?

V: «He is my secretary (laughs, ed), he always does what I need. His job is to make me and our dog Forrest happy. And he’s understanding: sometimes when I’m nervous, I let off steam with the people who live with me. And now I live with him, so … ».

G: «She is very generous and helpful. Too bad I’m always bullied and put behind Forrest too. I suffer daily scorns about which, however, as a Sicilian man, I prefer to gloss over ».

Who is more orderly?

V: «None. In any case, I fix it, he doesn’t ».

G: «It’s a lie. She uses 300 dresses a week, me two. I don’t know how I could be messy. ‘

Who is better at cooking?

V: “I really like cooking and eating”

G: «You. Since we got engaged he makes me eat like hell. I am denied cooking: I made her white rice overcooked and salty. I was mortified ».

As an athlete, however, you have to be careful with your diet.

V: «In fact, the desire to cook has passed. We always eat salads and bresaola ».

G: “In the lockdown he made me fat, I ate for five.”

Who does Forrest love most?

V: «He recognizes me as master number one and he loves me».

G: «I told Alice not to take the dog because I was studying medicine and I couldn’t take care of it. She reassured me by claiming that she would take care of it. She ended up taking him out all the time. And as soon as he sees Alice, he celebrates her. An ungrateful one ».

What season has it been so far?

V: «More than the season, I think about the current moment and I’m not at the top. A week from the European Championships is not the best, at the meeting I’ll see how it goes with the leg. I risk being physically not at my best, but in this discipline the most important thing is the head. I have never won the European Championship and without this problem I would have left to do it: now I am forced to see how it goes and then to aim high for the World Cup. But I want to live the moment as serenely as possible ».

G: «For me it was a particular season, with many ups and downs. I tried to have more continuity, but in vain. We hope to find it at the European and World Championships. As usual, I will shoot to win and to break the platforms ».

Do you talk about foil at home?

V: “Daniele likes to talk about it and even on days off due to injuries, we ended up seeing the absolute on the iPad.”

G: «You are better than me at disconnecting. It is the difference between who is predestined like Alice and who is not like me. For her, foil is something simple, obvious and natural. For me it is an obsession and I feel it a lot ».

At home, on the other hand, who uses the saber and commands?

V: “I”.

G: «You».

What vote are you ready to make for a European-World Cup double?

V: «It is difficult to do both well, however … in the two summer months I will not eat pasta».

G: «I don’t believe it and don’t write it, please. I don’t know the level of nervousness Alice could reach without pasta. My vow, as a Sicilian, is not to eat even a granita when I return home. Since I’m now on Roberto Bolle’s diet, with dried fruit and one meal a day, it would be a big sacrifice ».

When is the fateful yes?

V: «His days are numbered. I don’t know, maybe after the Olympics, Paris 2024 ».

G: «Temporeggia. In fact, she is also thinking of Los Angeles in order not to marry me ».

Who will make the proposal to whom? Alice again?

V: «I wouldn’t mind but then we would get married at Franchi, the stadium of my Fiorentina».

G: «I’m Sicilian and in the end I will do it myself, complete with kneeling».

When there is Fiorentina-Juventus, what happens in your home?

V: «Better if we are not together because usually it goes badly for me. This year, however, on the last day I enjoyed a lot, we won ».

G: «As a Juventus player I often enjoy myself, especially when there is Ali’s father, who is also a very purple fan. He bears a bit of grudge against Juve who bought Bernardeschi, Chiesa, Vlahovic … ».

What is your secret dream?

V: «Winning the Olympics. He has already won it ».

G: «To be remembered as a winning athlete in Italian sport, not only in fencing. Like the Czech Jury for example ».

Do you think about becoming parents?

V: «I can’t wait. I think about it with fear, but I feel that I will be a good mom. After the Olympics we will see. So far my sporting career has given me a lot of satisfaction ».

G: «I too can’t wait. I think more about becoming a father than about marriage. Also because the Sicilian wedding with 350 guests will be a great stress and worries me ».

Will it be male or female?

V: «Female. Indeed, another Alice, just like me ».

G: «Male. If a girl like her is born, I’m ruined. ”

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