Volleyball In Piedmont Fiorentini is the Under 16 Italian Champion

ROME- A deserved tricolor, won with head, heart and determination, at the end of a beautiful final against the Roman Volleyrò Casal de ‘Pazzi who surrendered in the fourth set, after more than two hours of play and show at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome ( Eur). The women’s Under 16 tricolor final did not disappoint, rewarding In Volley Piemonte Fiorentini, a team that hasn’t lost in 75 games between Under 15 and Under 16 and that in this long two-year period has left the opponents only 16 sets. winning both league titles (2021 and 2022) with the same roster. The reigning Under 17 Italian champion against the one that triumphed in the Under 15 last season: the final act of the FIPAV Lazio and FIPAV Roma event, with the support of the Lazio Region, Roma Capitale and Metropolitan City , and with the partnership of Coldiretti Roma and Checco dello Scapicollo, it could only be a wonderful sporting showdown between two of the best women’s volleyball clubs in Italy. And the show was not lacking, on the pitch and in the stands with 3,000 spectators present.

For the final championship coach Pilieci fielded Volleyrò with Allaoui on the dribble, Farelli on the diagonal, Camerini and Esposito in the band, Franceschini and Sawa in the center and with Bonafede and Ribechi alternating in the free role. The start, after a substantial balance at least until 7-7, is however a strong Piedmontese traction. In Volley he immediately tries to impose his own pace on the match and succeeds thanks to the excellent verve of Cantoni in the direction and then of the opposite Vighetto, of the spikers Buffone, Bonitempo and Prekducaj, of Molino in the center and of Mangalagiu in the role of free. The biancoblù volleyball is so advanced that the players on the field are interchangeable and often find themselves helping each other; as happens at the point of 16-21 which marks the turning point for Trinchero’s formation and allows Buffone and his companions to set sail. Also in the second set, the reigning Under 15 Italian champions impress their mark on the progress of the match, leading the set from start to finish. Prekducaj is impregnable, Buffone doesn’t miss a shot and the setter Cantoni always manages to find the right plays. Volleyrò’s reaction comes only in the final, but it is late and does not reverse the inertia of a match that goes 0-2 in favor of Piedmont. In the third set the Romans immediately move forward: the girls from Pilieci accelerate and earn +5 in peace of mind (21-16) which allows them to close the game at 25-17. It is a completely renewed Volleyrò that continues to press on the accelerator, also thanks to the newfound Del Freo who changes the face of his team from the bench. Leading on 22-17, however, Casal de ‘Pazzi gives up and undergoes a sensational comeback that allows the championship to take the highway towards Chieri after the advantages (24-26).

The champion team of Italy was awarded by the federal vice-president Luciano Cecchi and by the councilor for Sport and Major Events in Rome, Alessandro Onorato, who congratulated all the teams talking about this event as “the example of what Rome wants to be: the city of sport and national and international events“. The event was also attended by Senator Bruno Astorre, who explained how for the Lazio Region “volleyball is central and always will be, given the large following and the extraordinary ability to bring young people closer ”, the general manager of Sport and Health, Diego Nepi Molineris and the coach of the National Under 17F Pasquale D’Aniello. “Congratulations to the girls, you are the real protagonists of an unforgettable event” Cecchi’s words.

Also the president of FIPAV Lazio, Andrea Burlandi, and the president of FIPAV Rome, Claudio Martinelli, greeted all the participating clubs, giving them awards. “Rome responded present once again, we are happy”Martinelli exulted. “Qhis great event marks a real restart of our volleyball and sport in general. Young people are at the center of our mission”Concluded Burlandi.

The next event is already around the corner: from 10 to 19 June the Beach Volley World Championships are scheduled at the Foro Italico.


Federico Trinchero (Coach in Volleyball Piedmont) – « It is all incredible. We came here to Rome knowing that the group was really very complicated and in the end we beat them all. I’m not crying yet, I’m still not realizing what these amazing athletes have done. The secret of this great victory comes from them; they are girls who never give up, even if they are under or while they are fighting point to point. A great feature of the Italian champions “.

Matteo Pilieci (Coach Volleyò Casal de ‘Pazzi) – “In the first two sets we had to fix some things that were wrong, then we did it but it was too late. We kept making mistakes, but they are episodes and we are happy to have played it in this beautiful final. During the year we only lost one game, this one. I am super satisfied. In Volley is an excellent team ».



VOLLEYRO ‘CDP – IN VOLLEY PIEDMONT FIORENTINI 1-3 (19-25, 22-25, 25-17, 24-26)

VOLLEYRO ‘CDP: Camerini, Antonucci, Farelli, De Matteis, Del Freo, Tonelli, Pierdonati, Esposito, Allaoui, Franceschini, Cherubini, Bonafede, Ribechi, Sawa, Gambelli. Herds Pilieci. Deputy All. Antola. Manager: Tavani

PIEDMONT FIORENTINI BY VOLLEYBALL: Prekducaj, Bonitempo, Mangalagiu, Martorana, Montaldi, Buffone, Lodigiani, Cantoni, Cerrato, Signori, Molino, Vighetto. Herds Trinchero. Deputy Att. Sala. Manager: Grosso

REFEREES: Fabio Morena, Giovanni La Mantia.

Scorekeeper: Omar Fabiani. Ass: Roberto Tavarini


Final 3-4 ° place: Volley Academy Piacenza – Val. Ricci Imoco Volley 0-3 (22-25, 18-25, 17-25)

Final 5-6th place: Pall School. Anderlini – Vero Volley Delicatesse 0-3 (20-25, 11-25, 21-25)

Final 7-8th place: Visette Volley – Synergy Venezia 3-1 (27-25, 25-11, 12-25, 25-14)


1. In Volleyball Piemonte Fiorentini

2. Wanted Casal de ‘Pazzi

3. Valentino Ricci Imoco Volley S. Donà

4. Volley Academy Piacenza

5. True Volleyball Delicatesse

6. Anderlini Volleyball School

7. Visette Volley

8. Synergy Venice

9. Arzano Volley

10. Pieralisi Volley Jesi

11. Aries PVP Prato

12. Chions River Volleyball

13. Two thousand 12 de ‘Settesoli

14. Heart of Mother Cutrofiano

15. Aurora Volley Syracuse

16. Gymland

17. Dannunziana Dueci, Serteco Volley School Genoa, Club76 PlayAsti, San Michele Florence

21. Volley Neugries, School Volley Perugia, Dolcos Volley Busnago, Energytime Nuova Pall. Campobasso

25. Volley School V. Avolio, Cogne Aosta Volley, Innova Volley Tione-Brenta, Gi Elle Volley Policoro


1998/99 – Omnitel Modena (Under 16)

1999/00 – San Paolo Ostiense Rome (Under 16)

2000/01 – Green Volley Vercelli

2001/02 – Green Volley Vercelli

2002/03 – Casal de Pazzi Zavota Rome

2003/04 – Zambon San Donà

2004/05 – Pro Patria Milan

2005/06 – In Volley we change (Under 16)

2006/07 – F. Anderlini Modena (Under 16)

2007/08 – Foppapedretti Bergamo (Under 16)

2008/09 – Amateur Atl. Orago VA (Under 16)

2009/10 – Amateur Atl. Orago VA (Under 16)

2010/11 – Amateur Atl. Orago VA (Under 16)

2011/12 – Bruno Premi Bassano VI (Under 16)

2012/13 – Amateur Atl. Orago VA (Under 16)

2013/14 – Volleyrò Casal de ‘Pazzi Rome (Under 16)

2014/15 – Volleyrò Casal de ‘Pazzi Rome (Under 16)

2015/16 – Volleyrò Casal de ‘Pazzi Rome (Under 16)

2016/17 – Orago Visette Vbest VA (Under 16)

2017/18 – Volleyrò Casal de ‘Pazzi Rome (Under 16)

2018/19 – Lemen Volley Bergamo (Under 16)

2019/2020 – finals not played

2020/2021 – Volleyrò Casal dè Pazzi (Under 17)

2021/2022 – In Volley Piemonte Fiorentini (Under 16)

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