VNL: Italy knocked out at the debut against France

OTTAWA (CANADA). Defeat at the debut with the Olympic champions of France for 0-3 (22-25, 24-26, 19-25) in the Volleyball Nations League for the blues of Fefè De Giorgi who returned to the field today for an official match after more than a month of work between Cavalese and Rome. A VNL that will be an opportunity for many young Italians but also a path of growth. Today’s debut was definitely not a soft one, Patry’s 9 points, Ngapeth’s 13 well orchestrated by Brizard with Chinenyeze’s 11 points, helped to put an Italy underneath that in each of the three sets held up. to Andrea Giani’s boys especially in the third where she missed the advantage due to a few too many mistakes. Among the Azzurri 16 points from Romanò, best scorer of the race. During the first set an ankle injury, which will be deepened in the next few days, kept Scanferla away from the pitch.
Tomorrow the Azzurri will be back on the field at 7.30 pm, when in Italy it will be 1.30 am on Friday 10 June. On the other side of the field, the outgoing world champions Nikola Grbic’s Poland who beat Argentina 3-0 in the opening match.
In the first set the Azzurri on the pitch with the diagonal formed by captains Giannelli and Romanò, spikers Recine and Bottolo, in the center Cortesia and Galassi and Scanferla free. The first point of the race bears the signature of Patry after two excellent blue defenses. Patry is confirmed on the wall for the 3-1 in favor of France. Italy and France try to dissolve the tension at the beginning of the match, 4-3 ahead Ngapeth and his companions Romanò from the second line signs the fourth blue point. Piccinelli in for Scanferla due to a problem at the Piacenza free. The courtesy wall keeps the Azzurri in the wake of France 9-8. Italy finds parity thanks to a winning attack by Bottolo on 11-11. . Patry’s attack marks France’s maximum advantage 17-14. With a few too many errors in the service on both sides, the French lead 18-16. The Azzurri keep up with the Olympic champions, Recine finalizes an action after the excellent defense of Piccinelli 19-18. The Romanò wall on Ngapeth evened out 21-21. Chinenyeze’s first half closes the first set 25-22.
With Piccinelli confirmed in the role of free, unchanged sextet for the blues in the second set. The 1-1 point is by Francesco Recine. On the 4-2 ankle injury for Tillie, replaced by Louati. The point of a 5-5 tie belongs to Romanò. Brizard closes the point of 7-5 on the long reception of the blues. Italy for the first time in the lead with a block by Giannelli on Patry for 9-8. Patry closes the road in Recine, France ahead 15-11. Change between the blues, in Gardini for Bottolo. Galassi’s attacking error gives France the maximum advantage 17-12. The point of Romanò after a long exchange gives the charge to Italy which shortens 18-15. De Giorgi opts for another change, in Vitelli for Galassi. Azzurri who shorten the distance thanks to an attacking error by Patry 19-17. The connection of the blues arrives on 24-24 with Romanò who makes good use of Giann elli’s lift. Romanò’s error and Ngapeth’s pipe also deliver the second set to the French 26-24.
Inside Gardini, Galassi and Cortesia again on the pitch in the 6 + 1 of the third set that sees the Azzurri start with the right gear 5-2. Romanò’s attacking error brings the French back to a tie 6-6 which becomes an advantage with Chinenyeze’s ace 7-6. Bottolo returns to the field for Gardini with the French ahead 15-12, maximum advantage, thanks to two aces from Henry. He changes the inertia of the set with the aggressive French serving ahead 17-13. Galassi’s first half is worth the 17 point against the 23 of France. Set and match in France, on 25-19 bears the signature of Ngapeth.


Simone Giannelli (Italy) –«Having the Olympic champions in front of us was certainly not easy, for many of us it was the first official match at an international level against such a strong opponent. We knew it would be a difficult start, at times we showed a good game and intensity but certainly the mistakes weighed heavily. Many things that depended more on us than on them we could do better. We have to use this VNL to improve, to grow but obviously we try to win. I think that in all the sets there were good moments of play, good defense and coverage, from this we have to move forward the team is there. Let’s go ahead and think about the next one, after the Olympic champions we will have the world champions. We will certainly study today’s match to understand what needs to be done better and I love to do it tomorrow, of course Poland is Poland ».


ITALY – FRANCE 0-3 (22-25, 24-26, 19-25)

ITALY: Recine 10, Giannelli 4, Bottolo 3, Courtesy 5, Galassi 3, Romanò 16, Scanferla (L), Gardini, Piccinelli (L), Vitelli 1. Ne Pinali, Falaschi, Gironi, Moscow. All. De Giorgi.

FRANCE: Chinenyeze 11, Patry 9, Tillie 2, Ngapeth 13, Brizard 3, Jouffroy 7, Diez (L), Corre, Louati 2. Ne Mouiel (L), Boyer, Henry, Derouillon, Gueye. Herds Giani

REFEREES: Gerothodoros Epaminondas (GRE), Gonzalez Daniel (MEX)

Duration Set: 23 ‘, 28’, 21 ‘.
Italy: 2 a, 18 bs, 6 mv, 29 et
France: 2 a, 2 bs, XX mv, 23 et.



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