VNL: blue ready for the challenge against Serbia


«The girls are fine. The fundamental thing is to recover as much energy as possible because tomorrow we have to face an important match. With the refinement we will get back the feeling with the ball and the pitch so that we will be ready for tomorrow’s match against Serbia. We will face an opponent with several new features, starting with the coach, without forgetting the many young athletes who are now part of a roster that is still very talented. The Pool of Brasilia is very important in a Final key, the results of this round will be decisive and for this we will have to be good at picking up the pace immediately, taking into account that some girls have not played for a while and therefore must be put in the best conditions to express themselves. So it will be essential to have patience but at the same time we will have to assert our quality ».


We can’t wait to get back on the pitch to be able to improve and find the right feeling that will allow us to find our final set-up both from a physical and technical-tactical point of view. At the same time we are animated by a lot of desire and determination because it is important for us to achieve a result to achieve the goal of qualifying for the Final. Surely, therefore, we will approach with the right malice to win and move our ranking. In these first hours in Brazil we have worked to get back into the rhythm, weighing weights and tasting the playing field with confidence that slowly, day after day, our condition will be better and better ».


Dribblers: Ofelia Malinov and Francesca Bosio.

Crushers: Miriam Sylla (C), Caterina Bosetti, Alice Degradi, Anastasia Guerra.

Opposites: Paola Egonu and Sylvia Nwakalor.

Central: Anna Danesi, Sara Bonifacio, Cristina Chirichella, Marina Lubian.

Free: Monica De Gennaro and Eleonora Fersino.


18 wins, 15 defeats, 33 races


Week 2 (Brasilia, Brazil)

June 14: Holland – Germany at 11.00 pm

June 15: Serbia-Italy 2:00 am (live Sky Sport 1 and streaming NOW)

June 15: Rep. Sunday – South Korea at 11.00 pm

June 16: Brazil – Turkey at 02:00

June 16: Serbia – South Korea at 20:00

June 16: Italy-Rep. Dominican at 11.00 pm (live Sky Sport 1 and streaming NOW)

June 17: Holland – Brazil at 02:00

June 17: Germany – Italy at 20:00 (live Sky Sport 1 and streaming NOW)

June 17: Serbia – Turkey at 11.00 pm

June 18: Holland – Dominican Republic at 02:00

June 18: Italy – Brazil at 20:00 (live Sky Sport 1 and streaming NOW)

June 18: Germany – Turkey at 11.00 pm

June 19: Holland – South Korea at 02:00

June 19: Brazil – Serbia at 15:00

June 19: Germany – Dominican Republic at 6.00 pm

* Italian timetables


Week 2 (Quezon City, Philippines)

June 14: Canada – Thailand at 09:00

June 14: Japan – Poland 1:00 pm

June 15: Bulgaria – USA at 09:00

June 15: China – Belgium at 1:00 pm

June 16: Poland – Thailand at 05:00

June 16: Canada – Belgium at 09:00

June 16: Bulgaria – Japan at 1:00 pm

June 17: Poland – USA at 05:00

June 17: China – Canada at 09:00

June 17: Japan – Thailand at 1:00 pm

June 18: Bulgaria – Canada at 05:00

June 18: Belgium – Poland at 09:00

June 18: USA – China at 1:00 pm

June 19: Bulgaria – Belgium at 05:00

June 19: Thailand – USA at 09:00

June 19: Japan – China at 1:00 pm

* Italian timetables


Japan 11 pt (4 wins), China 10 pt (3 wins), USA 9 pt (3 wins), Turkey 9 pt (3 wins), Serbia 9 pt (3 wins), Brazil 9 pt (3 wins), Thailand 8 pt (3 wins), Poland 8 pt (3 wins), Canada 6 pt (2 wins), Italy 6 pt (2 wins)Germany 5 pt (1 win), Belgium 2 pt (1 win), Bulgaria 2 pt (1 win), Netherlands 2 pt (0 wins), South Korea 0 pt.

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