VNL: against Holland it is Grand'Italia

Fresh from the intense match with Belgium, Italy started with four new games in sextet compared to the first two games. Bosio in the direction, Degradi and Gennari as crushers, Lubian and Mazzaro in the center, Nwakalor opposite and De Gennaro free. The new blue sextet took some exchanges to pick up pace, suffering some good plays from Dambrink and Jasper (3-5). But then Degradi and Nwakalor took the chair and gave Italy the first advantage (10-9). The orange, under the first technical half (12-10), have mended the gap with Jasper (12 all), only to be pushed back to -4 by Gennari, Mazzaro and by an error in attack (16-12). The blues began to sting in the serve and to defend strongly dragged by the usual De Gennaro. Italy put the gears up, finding with Mazzaro (also two perfect lifts for the central), Gennari, Lubian (ace) and Degradi (his decisive attack) the plays of the definitive shot in the first set (25-19).

In the second set the blues started strong (5-1) but the Netherlands did not give up, returning in the wake (6-5) with Lohuis. The girls of CT Mazzanti, however, did not break down, collecting and replying with Mazzaro and Lubian in the center and Degradi in pipe (12-7). The Dutch pushed up to 13-10 before suffering a blue blaze orchestrated by a couple of excellent defenses by Degradi and by the attacks of Mazzaro, Gennari and Nwakalor (splendid in defense on Plak’s attack and then in a winning counterattack of 22- 14) primed by an excellent Bosio. The orange were no longer able to take back Italy which also won the second set (25-15).

The script did not change in the third set: Italy took the reins of the match firmly in hand, immediately flying 4-0 with Nwakalor, Mazzaro and Lubian (ace). The Dutch tried to stay in the match but Italy with service, block and defense continued to press on the accelerator (9-16) taking advantage of Alice Degradi’s excellent offensive verve. The last Dutch efforts were worth nothing because Italy, with cynicism and attention, managed to close the match with Mazzaro, Gennari, two super defenses from Fersino (just entered), Nwakalor, and the decisive attack from Lubian (25 -15).


Davide Mazzanti (Italy Manager) – Today we played a really good match – declared the Italian coach Davide Mazzanti – with order and very well in the break phase. I have to congratulate the girls who played with great maturity and attention after yesterday’s victory over Belgium. Furthermore, I am particularly happy with the performance of Alice Degradi who, after yesterday’s poor performance, redeemed herself by demonstrating her worth. In general, however, all have been very good at executing what was our game plan. Tomorrow we will close with China, a strong opponent like everyone else in the VNL. The goal of this first pool was to win at least 2. We succeeded and now it is right and right to try to go and take the victory with China which would give us great morale in view of the next pool. “.

Francesca Bosio (Italy) – We played a really great match – the blue setter rejoiced – we were almost perfect in every phase of the game, improving the defensive wall that yesterday against Belgium was not perfect. I thank my companions for putting me in the best conditions to express myself and now we aim to close in the best way against China. We will give our best on this last day here in Ankara to put more points on the farm “.

Alessia Mazzaro (Italy) – We did what we wanted to do and for this I am very happy – admitted Alessia Mazzaro at the end of the match -. Right from the start we put our opponents in difficulty by playing with attention and precision. This attitude allows us to bring out our qualities that with hard work will come out to do better and better in this difficult competition “.


ITALY – HOLLAND 3-0 (25-19; 25-15; 25-15)

ITALY: Gennari 10, Lubian 9, Bosio 2, Degradi 13, Mazzaro 8, Nwakalor 17, De Gennaro (Libero), Fersino. Ne: Bonifacio, Malinov, Chirichella, D’Odorico, Enweonwu and Perinelli. Herds Mazzanti

HOLLAND: Jasper 1, Timmerman 3, Dambrink 11, Knollema 4, Lohuis 4, Bongaerts 1, Schoot (Libero), Plak 4, Savelkovel 5, Van Aalen. Ne: Baijens, Vos, De Zwart, Reesink. Herds Selinger

Referees: Khattab (Egy) and Heckford (Eng)

Duration: 24 ‘, 22’, 29 ‘

Spectators: 1100

Italy: a 3, bs 8, m 9, et 7.

Holland: a 2, bs 4, m 5, et 11.


First day

Thailand 3-0 Bulgaria (25-20; 25-22; 25-20)

Turkey – Italy 3-0 (25-20; 25-19; 25-19)

Second day

Belgium – Serbia 1-3 (25-14; 16-25; 17-25; 22-25)

China 3-1 Netherlands (16-25; 25-22; 25-23; 25-23)

Third day

Thailand 3-2 Serbia (25-23; 25-27; 25-20; 20-25; 15-12)

Bulgaria – Netherlands 3-2 (25-15; 12-25; 19-25; 25-15; 15-7)

Belgium – Italy 3-1 (25-21; 19-25; 23-25; 20-25)

Fourth day

Serbia 3-0 Bulgaria (26-24; 25-15; 26-24)

Italy – Holland 25-15 (25-19; 25-15; 25-15)

Turkey – China (to be played)


First day

Germany – Brazil 1-3 (27-29; 25-23; 25-27; 21-25)

USA – Dominican Rep. 3-0 (25-21; 25-17; 25-18)

Second day

Poland 3-1 Canada (20-25; 25-22; 25-23; 25-20)

South Korea 0-3 Japan (17-25; 16-25; 11-25)

Third day

Brazil 3-0 Poland (25-23; 25-21; 25-22)

Germany – Japan 2-3 (27-25; 25-23; 20-25; 22-25; 12-15)

Canada – Dominican Rep. 3-0 (25-18; 25-15; 25-18)

Fourth day

Germany – South Korea (to be played)

Dominican Rep. – Brazil (to be played)

USA – Canada (to be played)


Serbia 7 pt (3 games), Brazil 6 points (2 games), Italy 6 points (3 games), Japan 5 pt (2 games), Thailand 2 pt (2 games), Usa 3 pt (1 game), Turkey 3 pt (1 entry), China 3 pt (1 entry), Canada 3 pt (2 entries), Poland 3 pt (2 entries), Bulgaria 2 pt (3 entries), Germany 1 pt (2 entries), Holland 1 pt ( 3 played), Belgium 0 pt (2 played), Dominican Republic 0 pt (2 played), South Korea 0 pt (2 played).


Week 1 (Ankara, Turkey)

04 June: Thailand – Belgium at 12:00

04 June: China-Italy at 15:00 (Sky Sport 1)

04 June: Bulgaria – Turkey at 18:00

* Italian times

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