VNL: a super Italy scrambles Serbia

Italy entered the field with Malinov as director, Degradi and Bosetti as spikers, Danesi and Chirichella in the center, Egonu opposite and De Gennaro free. The start of the match was very balanced with Italy which opened the dances with Degradi and Malinov and Serbia which responded with Bjelica. The blues tried to run away with Egonu and a block from Chirichella (9-6) but the reaction of the Serbs was not long in coming with Lazovic, Aleksic and Stefanovic (9-13). Malinov and his companions failed to get back in the wake of a precise Serbia serving and almost never in trouble in reception despite a couple of high-flying games by Egonu (16-21). Not even an ace from Bosetti and two plays from Egonu were enough to change the inertia of the first set conquered by the Serbs of an excellent Lazovic (21-25).

After an error by Degradi in the service and a winning second game by the Serbs, Italy woke up in the second set to find three plays of Egonu’s class and power. An ace from Bosetti then opened the break of the blues extended by two fast by Chirichella, a block and a second play by Malinov (12-6). Santarelli’s Serbia entrusted their reaction to Lazovic who, however, could little against an Italy that was literally transformed compared to the first set (16-10). With a rediscovered reception and a wall that is gradually more and more insurmountable, the blues dragged by Egonu, Chirichella and Degradi, have peremptorily filed the second set (25-14).

Italy never turned around, imposing rhythm and play even in the third set: Bosetti first and Degradi then opened the dance followed closely by Egonu, Chirichella and Danesi (11-3). Serbia, despite some flashes of Lazovic, continued to suffer the game of the blues definitively unblocked after the difficulties of the first set. Italy managed to keep a constant gap of 6-7 lengths, with decisive attacks from the usual Egonu, also closing the third set in just over 20 ‘(25-15).

The music did not change at the resumption of the game: Degradi and Egonu continued to hammer in attack supported in reception and defense by the usual sumptuous De Gennaro. Responding blow for blow to Bjelica and Aleksic, the blues placed the first break (12-7). However, Serbia had the merit of believing in it until the end, finding in the moments of low attention some good blue plays with Bjelica and Lazovic (20-17). Italy, however, did not lose the compass closing the accounts with the winning attack with Degradi (25-20).


Davide Mazzanti (Italy Manager) – “Some of the girls hadn’t played for a while and even if we trained well these days, the pace of the race is something else entirely – said the Italian coach – it took us some time to pick up pace and the team was a lot good at not breaking down at the end of the first set. I gave the girls some time to grow and in fact they improved in reception and in defense, managing to overturn the match with patience. Initially we were also in too much of a hurry to close the shot as they started by hitting well and playing great volleyball. At the end of the first set I simply told the girls to be patient because we had every possibility to overturn the game ».

Caterina Bosetti (Italy) – «They played very well in the first set attacking us in the serve – admitted the blue spiker – but then in the second set our ball change started, we grew in reception and the game changed. I did 5 training sessions with the team and this is my first game in a month and a half. I knew it was going to be a tough match with just five workouts in the legs but winning will make us recharge our batteries faster. We have a day of rest to make use of with another training session to be ready for the next matches ».

Monica De Gennaro (Italy) – «We knew we would struggle at the start – said Monica De Gennaro – many girls hadn’t played for a long time while Serbia played strong. We made a few mistakes too many that cost us the first set but then we started to run as we wanted, improving in reception and break and this allowed us to take home the victory. In my opinion in the first set we were in a hurry and we paid for this with many direct errors. Then we fixed two, three things, especially in reception and this allowed us to win a very important match for us ».


ITALY – SERBIA 3-1 (21-25; 25-14; 25-15; 25-20)

ITALY: Degradi 16, Danesi 7, Egonu 22, Bosetti 11, Chirichella 9, Malinov 5, De Gennaro (Libero) Lubian, Fersino, Ne: Bosio, Bonifacio, Guerra, Nwakalor and Sylla. Herds Mazzanti

SERBIA: Bjelica 17, Lazovic 13, Stevanovic 4, Mirkovic 2, Lozo 6, Aleksic 7, Pusic (Libero), Mirosavljevic., Jaksic, Busa 3, Ne: Milenkovic, Kocic, Delic and Djurdjevic. Herds Santarelli

REFEREES: Mezoffy Zsolt Tibor (Hun) and Macias Luis Gerardo (Mex)

Duration: 25 ‘, 20’, 23 ‘,

Spectators: 1200

Italy: a 7, bs 11, m 14, et 9.

Serbia: a 2, bs 10, m 8, et 8.

Results Pool 3 – Brasilia (Brazil)

First day

Netherlands – Germany 1-3 (20-25; 19-25; 25-12; 22-25)

Italy 3-1 Serbia (21-25; 25-14; 25-15; 25-20)

Pool 4 – Quezon City (Philippines) Results

First day

Canada 0-3 Thailand (19-25; 22-25; 24-26)

Japan 3-0 Poland (25-21; 25-21; 25-21)


Week 2 (Brasilia, Brazil)

June 15: Rep. Sunday – South Korea at 11.00 pm

June 16: Brazil – Turkey at 02:00

June 16: Serbia – South Korea at 20:00

June 16: Italy-Rep. Dominican at 11.00 pm (live Sky Sport 1 and streaming NOW)

June 17: Holland – Brazil at 02:00

June 17: Germany – Italy at 20:00 (live Sky Sport 1 and streaming NOW)

June 17: Serbia – Turkey at 11.00 pm

June 18: Holland – Dominican Republic at 02:00

June 18: Italy – Brazil at 20:00 (live Sky Sport 1 and streaming NOW)

June 18: Germany – Turkey at 11.00 pm

June 19: Holland – South Korea at 02:00

June 19: Brazil – Serbia at 15:00

June 19: Germany – Dominican Republic at 6.00 pm


Week 2 (Quezon City, Philippines)

June 15: Bulgaria – USA at 09:00

June 15: China – Belgium at 1:00 pm

June 16: Poland – Thailand at 05:00

June 16: Canada – Belgium at 09:00

June 16: Bulgaria – Japan at 1:00 pm

June 17: Poland – USA at 05:00

June 17: China – Canada at 09:00

June 17: Japan – Thailand at 1:00 pm

June 18: Bulgaria – Canada at 05:00

June 18: Belgium – Poland at 09:00

June 18: USA – China at 1:00 pm

June 19: Bulgaria – Belgium at 05:00

June 19: Thailand – USA at 09:00

June 19: Japan – China at 1:00 pm


Japan 14 pt (5 wins), Thailand 11 pt (4 wins), China 10 pt (3 wins), USA 9 pt (3 wins), Turkey 9 pt (3 wins), Italy 9 pt (3 wins)Serbia 9 pt (3 wins), Brazil 9 pt (3 wins), Poland 8 pt (3 wins), Germany 8 pt (2 wins) Canada 6 pt (2 wins), Belgium 2 pt (1 win), Bulgaria 2 pt (1 win), Netherlands 2 pt (0 wins), Dominican Republic 0 pt, South Korea 0 pt.

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