Vlahovic dice tutto: 'Avevo in testa ed esiste solo la Juve, dna e personalità del club sono i miei. Modelli Jordan e Djokovic, su Ibra e la Premier...'

Long and interesting interview with personal implications that released byJuventus striker Dusan Vlahovic to the English newspaper The Telegraph: “In 2016 after my first professional contract I thought ‘I did it, I can become a great player’. I’m not yet, but I’m working to become one. The goal? Scoring is like flying. When you score for yours team, for your teammates, for the fans, for your friends, it is something that you can fully understand only when you have this experience. An immense joy, the greatest emotion. It is something that fills me. I feel empty. It’s something I live for. Especially when the stadium is full and you hear the choirs, the fans screaming your name. It’s fantastic. “

The move to Juventus and the interests from the Premier League, especially Arsenal?
“Maybe my agent knew it, but I never talk to anyone about it. I only had one club in mind, Juventus is Juventus. There’s nothing more to say. Now I feel honored to wear this shirt. And It is incredible every time I dress it. I have identified with the DNA of the club. And the Juventus personality coincides with mine. When you get here you never give up, you always fight, you make sacrifices. It is absolutely what I was looking for. “

The comparison and my words about being “the next Ibrahimovic”?
“Comparing players with great champions who have scored 400 or 500 goals and won 20 or 30 titles seems unfair to me. It is not something that worries me, but when these kinds of comparisons come up and you make a mistake or two you are immediately criticized because the expectations they are tall. We all have the right to make mistakes, we are human. And I just want to have my career. ”

His sporting models in addition to football?
“Michael Jordan for his mentality. And Novak Djokovic. He is Serbian and undoubtedly the number one. He is a great champion and I admire him, also for his mental strength: how he copes with problems or how he can play 7 consecutive games overcoming 7 obstacles different. When you believe in yourself, when you have faith, nothing destabilizes you. You need to have this mental strength. “

Do you feel the weight of the pressure?
“I like the pressure. I like the high expectations, they take the adrenaline out. I’ve never suffered too much from it and I don’t care when people talk about pressure.”

How do you experience training and what do you do when you are away from the pitch?
“I never want to rest. I am focused 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. What do I do at home? I watch football matches. I am different, but I also use them to learn and improve. You notice things, you put yourself in someone else’s shoes. and you say, “I would have done this or that.” Then I like spending time with family and friends. I don’t like video games and I’m not good at it. I prefer to go for a walk. In the past I had time to read, now I don’t . I am completely dedicated to football and, for me, it is only the beginning of the journey. The best is yet to come. “

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