Vlahovic: "Like Juve, it's my DNA. Jordan and Djokovic my models"

TURIN – Dusan Vlahovic confesses in the round, in an interview with Icon magazine, of which the Telegraph today reports an ample excerpt. The Serbian striker of the Juventus remembers his professional debut in Partizan Belgrade, in 2016, when he was 16: “I thought in that moment, ‘I’ll make it, I can become a great player’ – recalls Vlahovic – nI’m not a great player yet, but I’m working on becoming one“. In January he was also courted by Arsenal, but he only wanted to wear the black and white shirt:”Maybe my agent knows something (Arsenal, ed)but I’ve never talked to anyone about this – explains the Serbian center forward – I only had one club in mind because Juventus it’s Juventus. There is nothing more to say. And now I feel honored to receive this shirt. It’s amazing every time I wear it. I definitely identify with their DNA. The Juventus personality coincides with my personality. When you come here you never give up, you fight all the time, you make sacrifices. This was definitely what I was looking for. “

Vlahovic: “I live for the goal, if I don’t score I feel empty”

The comparison with Ibra, the idols Jordan and Djokovic

The comparison with Zlatan Ibrahimovic does not drive him crazy: “Comparing players with great champions who have scored 400-500 career goals and who have won 20-30 career titles is probably a little unfair. – explains Vlahovic – it doesn’t bother me, but it is also true that when you make these comparisons, and then you make one or two mistakes and the expectations have been exalted, then you are criticized. We all have the right to make mistakes; we are all human. I want to have my career“. The idols of the Juventus striker come from other sports, basketball and tennis:”I like the mentality of Michael Jordan and then Novak Djokovic, who comes from Serbia and is definitely number one, so I have always admired him. he is a great champion. I want to know more about how he did certain things. He has great mental strength for how he copes with certain problems, how he can play seven games in a row and overcome seven obstacles [per vincere uno Slam]. When you believe in yourself, when you are sure of yourself, nothing else will destabilize you. You have to have this kind of mental strength. And even when something goes wrong, it will definitely help you deal with problems. I’m not really trained for that. I think it’s something that comes from your personality, which is really a part of you. “

Juve, Vlahovic fascinated by the Champions at the Museum

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Juve, Vlahovic fascinated by the Champions at the Museum

The pleasure of pressure

No fear, on the part of Vlahovic, for the expectations in the black and white jersey: “I like the pressure. I like high expectations because I like the kind of adrenaline they cause. I have never really suffered too much from the pressure. Maybe when I was younger, but not now and in 10 years I will probably feel even better. I don’t really care when people talk about pressure“. Football, for him, is a pleasant obsession, even in his free time:”I do it 24/7 and when I get home what do I do? I watch football matches! I watch them to have fun, but also to learn and improve. I notice something, I understand it and I think: ‘I could have done this or that’. I enjoy spending time with my family, who have always been my strength, and friends. I don’t like video games, also because I’m not very good. I prefer to go for a walk. I have had time to read books in the past, but not now. Basically I dedicate myself completely to football and, for me, it’s just the beginning, by the way. The best is yet to come“.

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