Nella bolgia della Segafredo Arena la Virtus si affida a Shengelia: 1-1

Toko Shengelia’s crazy night is worth the first success in these Finals for Virtus Bologna. The Georgian starts with a 0/3 from outside, but in the second half climbs into the chair and annihilates the Messina team.

Domination by rebound for the hosts, Olimpia has the sole merit of staying in the game until the end, despite the poor performance of Hines: 75-68 the final, series 1-1. We go to Milan.


Virtus starting 0/4 from 3 (0/3 by Shengelia), Milamno putting the triple with Shields for 5-2, but Hines comes out for two fouls at 7.32. Biligha on the field, however, immediately propitious two recoveries, and at 6.43 Bentil goes to the line: 1/2 and 4.10. Biligha also signs the third recovery, and Chacho says 4-13 from the corner at 6.10. Hackett leaves the pitch with his arms (after bumping into Bentil), Virtus reacts with a 6-0 run, and after Shields’ basket is a basket and foul on Pajola (13-15 at 3.24). Hackett returns to the bench, Segafredo is a pit, Weems puts the triple of 15-17 (already 5 for him), 0/4 for Shengelia (arm problems?), Hall responds with a 2 + 1, 17-23 of Mannion on the siren.


Scariolo goes with the pair Shengelia-Sampson and collects a 4-0 partial (21-23 at 8.46), Messina timeout that in attack has two errors by Ricci. The partial is extended to 9-0 with the triple overtaking of Belinelli after yet another offensive rebound, Grant responds with 24-26 at 7.42, and Hackett returns to the field. At 6.52 Belinelli says 8 points in a row for 29-26. At 4.52 29-30 Milan after a technician on the Virtus bench, and the tension rises beyond the limits after a foul by Pajola on the Chacho, with technicians to the Spaniard himself and to Jaiteh. Datome touches 9 with 4/5 from 2, Teodosic impacts on 38-38 at 30 ”, which is the final of the first half.


Milan never scores, Virtus misses a lot but it is 44-40 at 6.13 and Messina timeout. Shengelia finally hits from 3, from the corner, with 47-40, Shields unlocks his, after the loss of Teodosic Hall scores and suffers fouls for 49-46 at 4.07. It is the moment of potential breakup of the match: Hackett for 53-46 after Shengelia’s block on Hines, but Virtus does not run away, and Melli with a random basket, and Hall with a triple say 55-54 at 36 ”. And it is the fourth final.


Shields comments unsportsmanlike after a foul suffered by Pajola, 59-56 at 6.50. Shields finds the triple from the corner of 61-59, but on the other side Pajola flies in tap-in, foul by Melli (fourth), and on the subsequent possession 2/2 Jaiteh for iul 64-59 at 4.29. The rebound figure says 44-34, sign of a nice change of pace Virtus, 0/2 Hines from the line, Pajola places the 68-61 at 3.07, Shengelia supports the 71-63 at 1.30.

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