Virtus in Milan is already back to the wall

Long series, they still say. But the truth is that for specific weight the fourth game tonight exceeds the previous ones. If Milan continues the race and detaches the 3-1, Virtus will need a miracle to resume it. On the other hand, Bologna could count again on the home factor and the frustration of Armani for not having tilted the series to the end by exploiting the momentum of the 12 thousand of the Forum. Maybe it’s not the time for a truth that doesn’t exist yet, but it looks like us. After race 1 Olimpia appeared ready for last year’s rematch, the second overturned substance and impressions, recording the strong signal of Segafredo. Which then broke up in the third. This time she was left without the help of the bench on the very evening when Grant, Baldasso and Biligha extended the rotations of coach Messina.

Basically equalized the rebound count, and without having a real winner in the clash between Hines and Jaiteh, Scariolo lacked the contribution of Cordinier and Alibegovic, of Sampson (however the least worst of those who entered the race) and of Pajola. In addition to the heavier absence, that of Weems, who in game 2 had been positive in defense against Shields and in the last one he returned to feel all the efforts of a longer season for him given the amount of minutes spent on the field. The moral is simple at the bottom of the fourth act: either the turnaround is replicated in terms of energy and inspiration, or the games are addressed if not done. It is difficult to predict when at this level the differences between the two teams are far from clear, and playing every two days the picture can suddenly reverse.


Olimpia does not wish it, as it seeks a significant step forward by continuing to rely on Shields, the most continuous of the series so far, and on Melli who exploded in race 3; Virtus will try, which Senators Hackett, Teodosic and Belinelli need to add other water carriers in defense, where they missed on Sunday evening, but also alternatives to the class and inspiration of its big names.

The duel is intense and exciting, in the future it will be even more so. The gap between the two clubs and the rest of the league will be destined to widen. So much so that the idea of ​​strengthening, relaunched by the radio market in these days where the field is also the main protagonist, is a clearly visible background. For Armani, the possibility of acquiring Naz Mitrou-Long on leaving Brescia seems increasingly concrete, while rumors of agreement with Della Valle persist for Bologna, even if not all of them go in the same direction. Mickey and Ibaka are instead targeted among the longs.

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