The Armani AX Milano immediately hits the upset and blows up the home factor of the Scudetto Final by beating Virtus Segafredo Bologna at home.

Virtus Bologna

Amedeo Tessitori, 6: Play 3 ‘and slam like a lion.

Marco Belinelli, 5: starts well but then goes out. His contribution was lacking and not a little in the economy of the match.

Alessandro Pajola, 5: bad evening for him who does not affect either directing or attacking.

Amar Alibegovic, 5.5: he tries to give the shock at the beginning of the recovery but it goes too much to alternating current.

Mam Jaiteh, 4.5: game to forget for him who makes a lot of mistakes and is canceled by Hines and Melli who keep him away from the basket.

Toko Shengelia, 7: scares everyone when in the first half he comes out with an arm problem but then in the second half he feeds the comeback together with Teodosic.

Daniel Hackett, 5: he is not lacking in determination but struggles to affect the match’s economy. Bloody then the 0/2 in the line that would have given the match to Virtus in the final and perhaps changed the course of the match.

Jakarr Sampson, 6.5: in a match in which Jaiteh struggles to fuel, he tries not to let the difficulties weigh under the boards by finishing with 9 points and 5 rebounds.

Kyle Weems, 4.5: never in the game.

Milos Theodosic, 7: how Shengelia scares the Segafredo Arena by leaving the field after just 80 ”due to an ankle problem, but resolved brilliantly because it is the Serbian ace who carries his teammates on his shoulders for large sections of the match.

Isaiah Cordinier, 4.5: his athleticism was lacking and not a little on both sides of the field.

Olimpia Milan

Nicolò Melli, 7: the numbers do not fully explain what his impact on the match was. Leonino in the area and decisive in defense.

Jerian Gran, sv: 0 points in 9 ‘. He just manages without flinching.

Sergio Rodriguez, 7: Fundamental in direction and management at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The experience gained on the best fields in Europe is evident.

Giampaolo Ricci, 6: Fischiatissimo ex of the evening only plays 6 ‘in which he does not look bad.

Devon Hall, 6.5: In the final he scored important points and free throws. Dumbledore but precious.

Tommaso Baldasso, 5.5: He commits himself but argues with the basket.

Shavon Shields, 8: The best of his. In the third quarter he puts 10 of his 18 total points fueling the escape of Milan. Precious offensive terminal.

Kyle Hines, 8: Cancel Jaiteh taking him away from the basket and in pick and roll with Rodriguez he does very badly as well as to rebound (10 captured for him).

Ben Bentil, 6.5: Even if he doesn’t make the basket often he fights like a lion under the boards and in defense.

Gigi Datome, 7.5: He too, with his experience and solidity, makes an excellent contribution to Olimpia.

Photo: Legabasket

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