Virtus Segafredo Bologna responds to the success of Armani AX Milano in Game 1 of the Scudetto finals and brings the series back to a draw by beating the red and white 75-68.

Virtus Segafredo Bologna

Amedeo Tessitori: SV

Nico Mannion, grade 6: acclaimed by the fans after the end of game 1, he played for 7 minutes and was ready

Marco Belinellivote 6.5: he gives his contribution to the cause by also scoring a triple which in some ways changed the course of the match.

Alessandro Pajola, vote 7: changes pace compared to race 1 and revises all his garra. His 6 points in the fourth quarter are very precious.

Amar Alibegovic, rating 6.5: in the fourth quarter he sets four important free throws. Right determination and energy.

Mam Jaiteh, rating 7.5: brings home a double double but above all he is another player compared to a few days ago. Dominant in the painting in the second half, Hines does not suffer at all.

Toko Shengelia, vote 8.5: is the man who left with no ifs and buts. He closes with 22 points, of which 14 in the second 20 minutes. Devastating in the second half despite the difficulties in the line and from the arc.

Daniel Hackett, grade 6: is almost immediately knocked out by an ankle problem and then returns but fails to affect.

Jakarr Sampson, grade 6: in the evening in which Shengelia shine and Jaiteh fails to take the limelight.

Milos Teodosic, rating 7.5: the scoresheet does not do justice to his game. With him on the pitch, as demonstrated by the eight assists given to his teammates, the team turns and it shows.

Isaiah Cordinier, vote 5.5: despite the commitment has yet to enter the series.

Kyle Weems, rating 6.5: at times it shows what it is capable of. It will be invaluable later in the series.

Armani AX Milan:

Nicolò Melli, grade 6: slams under the boards on a night when Hines is limited by fouls and opponents.

Jerian Grant, grade 5: try to give order but must necessarily do something more in terms of turnover.

Sergio Rodriguez, vote 6: in the direction he is a guarantee (10 points and 7 assists) but this time he is too alone.

Giampaolo Ricci, grade 5: bersagliatissimo ex of the evening does not guarantee a sufficient contribution to the cause.

Paul Biligha, rating 6.5: called into question, he never misses his contribution and plays a competition of substance.

Devon Hall, grade 6.5: much grown up in attack. He is one of those who try to keep Milan in the wake of the second half.

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Dinamo Sassari
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Photo Sebastian Ronzani / Basket Universe

Tommaso Baldasso, grade 5: leaves no trace in the match economy.

Shavon Shields, rating 6.5: he does not have the impact of game 1 but his always does it especially in the second half.

Kyle Hines, grade 5: definitely wrong evening. He immediately commits two fouls, hurts his shoulder but above all this time he fails to limit the long opponents and hit in pick and roll.

Ben Bentil, rating 5.5: fight but something more is expected from him also on the offensive front.

Gigi Datomerating 6.5: in some ways the best of his. He makes baskets of pure experience and class that help and not a little the cause of Milan

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