Fiorentina, verso il summit con Italiano: servono 8 colpi, senza vendere, per restare competitivi

Two weeks after the home win against Juventus in the last championship match, and the consequent qualification for the preliminaries of the next one Conference LeagueFiorentina is ready to plan next season: from the future of Vincenzo Italiano when planning the summer market, all the purple people will be very important days. Mid-week there will be the key meeting between the purple director Joe Barone, who will return from the United States on Wednesday, and the viola technician, who stayed in Florence postponing his holidays waiting for this face to face. Before even talking about the pitch, and trying to be able to reinforce this squad, there must be a confrontation, a fundamental appointment to understand if the will and ambitions of the coach ligliato coincide with those of the club.

THE CONTRACT – One of the first problems to be solved will certainly be the one linked to the contract of the former Spezia coach. Italian has a contract expiring in 2023, with a renewal option in favor of Fiorentina until 2024 which, however, at the moment the club does not seem to intend to exercise. After reaching the European goal, the result of a season full of joys but also of many regrets, the coach and his staff will certainly want to review the contract that binds them to the Viola: greater guarantees will be needed both from an economic and an economic point of view. the length of the report. Here is the first obstacle. The rumor is that in the event of a failure to agree on the extension of the contract he could expel Italian from Florence and Fiorentina. At the moment, however, there are no worries: the club is aware of the coach’s work and, barring sensational twists, will do everything to keep him for a long time. Secondly, it will be important to guarantee a competitive team for Italian, and the summer market falls perfectly. After the farewells to Odriozola And Torreirapillars of the lily chessboard, the management will have to satisfy the coach by guaranteeing him a squad that matches the triple weekly commitment.

MARKET – Italian is looking, even perhaps rightly, for further reassurance regarding the squad available for next season. During the summit with Barone and Pradè we will talk about which Fiorentina will leave the next market: the coach would like to have a team strengthened in every department compared to the one he had in the last season, a team that is able to face all competitions in the best possible way. The Conference League has great value, a competition that the coach would like to try to win but which will have to be won with the August playoff. Names will be placed on the table and there will also be talk of negotiations to be made or given up. Between upcoming sales, Milenkovic above all, and mandatory purchases, at least 5/6 to be at the required level, one of the most important weeks of Rocco Commisso’s Fiorentina begins

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