Viola Tonello returns to play the Futura

A return to origins for the new white-red central, after having grown and matured by birth, but also technically and tactically thanks to the experiences collected in the years played between A2 and A1.


Viola, in fact, after he took his first steps in volleyball for the “greats”, with the Futura, under the guidance of the coach Lucchini (now DS) to then greet Busto after three seasons, from 2010 to 2013, and play the championship of B1 also in the following two seasons with the shirts of Chieri and Pinerolo.

In the 2016-2017 season the leap in quality at the court of My Cicero Pesaro, where he plays his first A2 championship, culminating in the victory of the title and the conquest of promotion.

From here on, the choice falls on Mondovì, for three consecutive seasons of A2 with the number 7 on his shoulders, where he immediately conquers the Piedmontese with grit and determination. The successes and satisfactions also arrive outside the field with the three-year degree in Architecture Sciences obtained at the Polytechnic of Turin.

In the 2020-2021 season the jersey number does not change, but the colors become those of Itas Martignacco.

The sirens of the top flight sound for her, with the call of the newly promoted Vallefoglia with whom Viola played last season, finishing in ninth place in the championship.

The player born in 1994, born in Genoa, therefore returns to her first home, where she was launched and grew up from her very first steps, at the age of 16, with a wealth of experience and ambition that make her a complete center. , solid in attack and effective in serving.

The curriculum of the titles, in addition to the aforementioned promotion, also reads 3 silver medals in the A2 Italian Cup won from 2016 to 2018 and a bronze in the 2019/2020 season.

The numbers speak for themselves and tell of an athlete in the prime of his competitive maturity, capable of bringing solidity to the wall and a good propensity for the offensive phase, as also demonstrated by the record of points at 235 in the 26 races disputed in his last season of A2.


For you it is a return to the club with which you made your debut in B1, what prompted you to make this choice?

I am really happy to be able to return here in Busto alla Futura because with this company I started my career and it was my first home, in every sense, away from my parents. In this club, in the 3 years of B1 in which I played here, I have grown a lot and they have been very important for my career. When I got this call I had absolutely no doubt in accepting because I knew it was the right thing to do. This club is a big family for me and my own family is also very close to all the people of this group, my sister Sveva also played in the youth teams here. I strongly believe in the project that the company has designed and I already have excellent feelings about it. I am very happy with the work done in the construction of the team, in the choice of the coach and I am sure that we will all start with a great desire to do well and obtain results because we are all aligned on these aims. “.

What do you think could be the added values ​​that you will bring to this team?

I played for many years in Serie A2 and this is absolutely the league I love the most. It is a very difficult championship where giving up is never allowed, there are many matches and it is necessary to maintain consistency throughout the course. In these years I have understood that truly incredible perseverance is needed to be able to do well. I think I have reached this point in my career to be a complete player, I have the same desire to start that I had as a child in my first experiences, on the other hand I have the awareness and experience that I have acquired over the years. I am convinced that work always pays off and it can only be done well if we remain compact and focused on the fact that we will always have to give our best on every occasion and I am absolutely ready for all this. So I hope to bring these sides of me into the group and be able to be of help to my companions “.

What if you had to set now what are your personal and team goals for next year?

I believe that the most important thing will be to concentrate a lot on daily work because, as I said before, I am convinced that only thanks to this will the results come. The goal, of course, is to win as many games as possible and to do this you have to face it with the right spirit Sunday after Sunday. The goal, therefore, will be to always give the best in training so as to always be ready to take the field on Sunday, accumulating so many positive races. In short, I don’t want to go too far, but I’m sure that the small steps can lead to building something big “.

Any curiosities about you off the pitch, hobbies, passions?

I am a very active girl, I like to always be busy. I have many passions outside of volleyball, among these I definitely like traveling, reading and drawing “.

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