Vieri sure: "Inter take Dybala, but don't give up on Lautaro"

Is Dybala at Inter a deal for the Nerazzurri?
“Yes, but only if his arrival doesn’t mean giving up on Martinez. Otherwise I would keep Lautaro who, despite Lukaku’s departure, is back from the best season of his career, with 25 total goals. Martinez seems like a guarantee to me: he is young, he has been with Inter for many years and I would not give up on him if not for an economic tax ».

He gave 9.5 as a vote to Inter’s season. Confirmation?
«Of course: 9.5 for Inter and 10 for Milan because he won the Scudetto and proved to be more continuous. The Nerazzurri were a team, but they missed a key match in Bologna. That knockout must not lead to throwing away a whole year, in which they won an Italian Cup, a Super Cup and they left the Champions League by beating Liverpool at Anfield. No championship, but still a phenomenal year for Inzaghi’s team who, after the departures of Lukaku and Hakimi, seemed destined for a secondary role and who instead … ».

How important was Maldini for the AC Milan triumph?
«Paolo did an incredible job because the club has no more debts, but despite this he found the players that Pioli wanted at bargain prices. The technician was also very good and improved after the second place last season: he proved to be exceptional, a great one ».

Let’s go back to Maldini for a moment who in the past was one step away from goodbye and instead remained.
«It was Milan’s luck that he didn’t go away. He is a cancer (zodiac sign, ed) like me, a very serious person who knows a lot about football. It is no coincidence that he was the greatest defender in history. He has so much to tell and we would like more managers like this … he He lost Donnarumma to zero and took Maignan who is the Van Basten of goalkeepers plus other players that no one knew who they were. He gave Tonali time to grow, who is now super and plays for the national team ».

It is easy to imagine that he is also voting for Totti’s return to Rome.
“Of course. Totti has the experience that others do not have: he knows the environment, has 30 years of football played behind him and knows everything about everyone. I am always in favor of former players in key roles because they have an edge. But I don’t think about a role in football: I am with my daughters and I dedicate myself to them. Stop”.

What couple would Totti-Mourinho be?
«Mourinho is a winner, someone who raises the cups, and Totti would give him a hand. Many belittled the Conference League, but it is an important trophy for Italian football and it was nice to see the Olimpico full both for the return semi-final and for the post-triumph party ».

After two fourth places in a row, is it right to consider Juventus among the favorites for the next Scudetto?
«If Juve don’t fight for the title, you have to … close Serie A. They have a devastating team, especially after the arrival of Vlahovic and Zakaria in January. With Dusan Fiorentina would have qualified for the Champions League and instead Juve arrived ».

What needs to improve?
“The game. He has played terrible games that a team with some of the best footballers in the world cannot do. Winning is not enough: you also need to express a certain kick, otherwise … ».

Is it a criticism for Allegri?
«I’m just saying that a certain type of football, that of 1-0 to be defended with a bolt, is over. In Italy now everyone is playing: look at Empoli, Torino and Verona who were saved in January. It didn’t happen by chance. Football is no longer what it was 30 years ago and we must adapt ».

Do you like Mancini’s mentality that gives space to young people?
“Very very much. It is good to put them on the field, to give them confidence because only in this way can we revitalize our movement. If I look to the future, I think positive because we have the right coach, one who sees far and above all is exceptional in “finding” players that others would not notice. I’m glad he stayed. Having said that, not participating in the World Cup is a crime ».

And here are also Mancini’s faults.
«A group with Switzerland, Northern Ireland and Bulgaria we had to pass as first. It was absurd to go to the play-offs and then be eliminated by Macedonia. At the same time, however, this group made an incredible streak of results and won an incredible European: these are two things that cannot be forgotten ».

Baggio said that whoever wins the European Championship must go straight to the World Cup.
«I agree with him, but it is not acceptable that Italy does not qualify. Especially if they don’t have Germany, Spain or England in their group ».

Why is Italy not a country for young people and Gnonto had to go to Switzerland to explode?
«It’s a question of mentality: if clubs play a boy and then lose, they face a lot of criticism. Instead it would take more patience and desire to wait for these talented guys. As happens abroad ».

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