Victoria Iglesias without limits: "Point to the summit"

When did you start playing padel?

“At 18. I recently celebrated 10 years of activity”.

How did you approach this sport?

“It was my family, everyone played with it. I used to play tennis and I liked it, but then they ‘forced’ me as they always decided everything on my side. (laughs, ndi).

What fascinates you about padel?

“I like everything, because it’s a sport that is played in two, so as to form a team. It’s nice to share the important moments with a partner.”

Who would you recommend it to?

“To all those who love sport in general. I encourage you to try it, it is a sport that anyone can practice, it is ideal for having fun with friends and family of all ages. And for those who are lazy it is also a way of doing a little sport (laughs, ndi).

Why do you think padel has become so popular?

“Before we all played only tennis, but in the long run if you are not good, everything becomes more boring and tiring, while padel can be practiced by any novice, who in a few days learns the basics and starts having fun”.

What’s your best shot?

“My favorite shot is the two-handed backhand, coming from tennis it’s even more natural.”

Can you tell us about your sports day and other weekly commitments?

“I work out every morning from Monday to Friday, unless I have a tournament. In that case, on Tuesdays I usually go on a field trip. I do about 2 hours of playing on the pitch and 2 hours of fitness. Also, one day at the week I go to both the psychologist and the nutritionist “.

The unforgettable match?

“Well, there are many. One was the final I played in Barcelona with Cata Tenorio. Another is when paired with Alba Galán we beat number 1 in the semifinals, and finally with Aranza in our first semifinal, which is it was very meaningful to me. “

What does being on the PUMA team mean to you?

“I think anyone would want to be in my place right now, given the worldwide importance of a brand like PUMA. I like everything about the brand, from the racket to the apparel and I am proud to be part of this great family. “.

What do you value in a padel racket?

“Weight, grip, sweet spot and then the shape, mine, for example, is drop-shaped”.

What goals would you like to achieve?

“Being able to become number 1 in the world. It is a great goal that will be difficult to reach again this year, the level is always higher, but we try and hope that it will arrive in the short time”.

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