Vicenza, the first stone of the new "Largo Paolo Rossi" laid today

VICENZA – This morning the mayor of Vicenza, Francesco Ruccothe deputy mayor Matthew Celebronthe son of Paolo RossiAlessandro, and the general manager of Vicenza, Paolo Bedin – in front of fans and old glories – they symbolically started the work of “Largo Paolo Rossi”. The new square will be a meeting place full of symbols, with flower beds that recall the number 9 and the flooring inspired by the Golden Ball that Pablito won in 1982. The intervention, which will start by the end of June and will last three months. , will radically transform the current parking lot in front of the main entrance to the Menti stadium, which was named after the champion and honorary citizen of Vicenza on 28 September. “With the creation of this new square in front of the stadium that Paolo loved so much – remembers the mayor Francesco Rucco – Vicenza forever links the name of its honorary citizen to a symbolic place for sport and for the community “. In honor of the former red and white bomber, two raised flower beds will have the shape of football boots, while the third, flush with the ground and near the main entrance to the stadium, will look like the historic number 9 of Paolo Rossi’s shirt. Furthermore, with a chromatic and compositional play of the flooring, the silhouette of a soccer ball, symbol of both the Golden Ball won in 1982 and the many goals scored by the top scorer, will be placed side by side with one of the flower beds. The construction of the pedestrian area will be completed by the new LED lighting, the drains for the disposal of rainwater, the installation of new benches and, finally, the installation of the delimitation gate of the fans area at the beginning of the development, to the west, offshore. The project also includes the reconstruction of the main facade with the recovery of the windows of the old ticket office and the redevelopment of the east wall of the stadium, on which a blow-up or a mural depicting Paolo Rossipaid by the sports club.

Paolo Rossi will have a statue in front of the Vicenza stadium

“Largo Paolo Rossi will become the access route for fans to the Menti stand, as well as the address of the Vicenza registered office. And for the citizens it will become a meeting place”, added the Mayor. The project, commissioned by the municipal administration and by Vicenzatogether with Federica Cappellettithe footballer’s wife, was drafted by the engineer Giovanni Fichera, of the Public Works and Maintenance Service of the Municipality, starting from a feasibility study drawn up by the architect Riccardo Cestari. The intervention, which involves the construction of works for a total value of 250 thousand euros by the firm Traverso of Bolzano Vicentino, is characterized by three flower beds that will find space in the pedestrian area built in place of the current public parking of about 1200 square meters. To allow for the expansion of the area, the gate to the north will be set back, using the space of the old ticket offices of the stadium. Finally, the main facade, which overlooks the open sea, will be redone by recovering the windows of the former ticket office. A full-height bronze statue of the missing champion will then be placed, which will become the characterizing element of the area and the main entrance to the stadium.

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