Verona, il DS Marroccu: 'Caprari e Tameze incedibili. Per Barak e Simeone solo chiacchiere per ora...'

The press conference for the presentation of the new sporting director of the Verona, Francesco Marroccuwhich will take the place of Tony D’amicomoved toAtalanta: “The time that has divided me since my arrival is linked to a particular relationship with my previous president, whom I thank despite the difficulties: a ‘sentimental’ motivation, because he tried to convince me to continue my adventure in Brescia”.

ON THE FUTURE OF BARAK, SIMEONE AND CAPRARI – “The fact that you read a lot of news means that we have a lot of good players. I would not have come if I had been presented with a sale, I was asked to maintain my financial balance by trying to stay in the left half of the table, bearing in mind how fundamental the goal of salvation is. We will have to fly low and be concrete. “

CHANGES – “My predecessors gave Hellas an identity, which turned out to be an annoying opponent for everyone in the league. We want to maintain that identity, of a proactive and aggressive football, clearly respecting who will arrive. Not so much in the figure of the director. sporty, as much as in the characteristics of Mr. Cioffi. It will be his football, not that of Tudor and Juric “.

THE INCEDIBLES – “The goalkeepers do not touch, as well as the outside midfielders. Veloso does not touch, and Hongla or Caprari too. I can go on: Dawidowicz, Ceccherini, we have high expectations on Coppola, Lasagna remains. The team will remain almost all”.

PLAYERS WITH MOST OFFERS – “The most talked about players are Simeone, Barak, Ilic and Casale: I have to give answers on them every day. For now, just talk, we need to give the market time to ignite, in Italy the options and counter-options make clubs rich or poor “.

ON THE STAFF – “I am a lonely man and I move alone, I like to value the people I find. Hellas is represented by a group of young people and professionals chosen with the lantern for their education, competence and professionalism. It would seem inappropriate to arrive immediately with a group of professionals with whom I have worked “.

ABOUT TAMEZE – “Incredible, he covers many roles with ease, he impressed me”.

ABOUT CIOFFI – “Udinese is one of the best clubs in Italy. The fact that Verona convinced Cioffi to leave reflects the credibility he has built up over the years. Cioffi is predestined, he has the stigmata of the coach who will arrive at a high level. Talking about coach-director harmony is an understatement: when a club works in the technical part it is because it works from the head. Over the years Verona has become a big family, the coach and director have enjoyed this harmony. I felt this coming a little from hell. “

SMALL NEAR – “From experience, as long as there are no signatures it is better to be cautious. For the excellent relations between Verona and Atalanta I can say that on Piccoli we are in the details, the rest are scouting on the market. Should we start the championship with this squad we would be a top team: each exit will correspond to an entry. On Piccoli we have moved forward, because we assume that Simeone can have unmissable offers. But even if they don’t arrive, he could easily stay “.

ON YOUNG PEOPLE – “We will have a great eye for the youth sector, there is a particular interest in many of our talents. We will pay great attention to how this club is structured.”

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