“Pallacanestro Varese for School”, nel pomeriggio la conferenza stampa di chiusura

The closing press conference of “Varese Basketball for School” was held this afternoon at the Enerxenia Arena in Varese, the set of activities that this year linked the red and white club to schools and students in the area.

The twentieth edition of “Basketball: a school of life”, a successful project sponsored by the Municipality of Varese, FIP, CONI and the Provincial School Office, has therefore officially closed, which, with the precious support of the sponsors FNM and Intesa San Paolo, once again gave the opportunity to meet the players in the classroom in the schools of Varese and the province. During the meetings, the boys were thus able to discover the less visible but more authentic and formative side of sporting practice: dedication, training and constant commitment to achieve their goals; sport therefore lived as a gym for the pursuit of happiness and self-realization. The boys were all invited to watch the matches and about a thousand students cheered on Openjobmetis from the stands.
A peculiarity of this edition was also the collaboration with the Catholic University: four postgraduates in Psychology, in fact, under the guidance of their tutor Valeria Resta, were able to try their hand at an analytical and structured study of the relationship between children and Varese Basketball through a questionnaire, so as to have a real overview from which to build interventions, activities and projects really based on the need expressed by the youngest.

These, among the classes encountered, those particularly worthy of mention:

  • Award for “Best Supporter of Varese Basketball”: Sacred Heart Primary School of Bogno di Besozzo;
  • Award “Best Participation in the BSN Questionnaires Project and Varese Basketball”: IIS E.Stein of Gavirate – 3rd and 5th class.

Within the activities aimed at young people in the area, the Emilio Forni Scholarship established by “Il Basket Siamo Noi”, now in its second year of life, is also very important. Together with the balance sheet of the last edition, the new “Emilio Forni for Ukraine scholarship” was presented. Emilio Forni, in fact, was a friend and a great fan, who had made hospitality a distinctive sign of him and the scholarships named after him this year will help Ukrainian children and young people fleeing the war.

Varese Basketball is happy for the success of the many projects that, with ever renewed energy, this year too have brought many young people to approach the world of basketball and its values.

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