Gattuso: 'Non sono razzista, credo nella libertà e voglio essere giudicato per il mio lavoro. Milan? Ho rinunciato a 5 milioni e mezzo...'

The new coach of Valencia Gennaro Gattuso he presented himself to the press: here are the most significant statements.

“It is a pride and an honor to coach this team and to be in this club. Thanks to the president Peter Lim, to the management who gave me this chance. I hope we will work well. We have a difficult task, but my staff and I do not have fear. For me the team is not 24-25 players, but 55-60 people who work together with us, all together. We have respect for everyone, this is my mentality, but fear of no one “.

NETWORK DIFFERENCE – “If I score 80-85 goals and suffer 50, my goal difference is +35. If, on the other hand, I score 50 and suffer 50, we’re 0-0. I like a football where you control the game, dribbling from below. If I concede a lot of goals I have to score at least 30-35% more. “

GATTUSO PLAYER VS COACH – “It is enough to see what football I offer and my data. If we make this comparison there is an incredible difference. When I played I always sweated my shirt, I was always running. Today, on the other hand, I see football in a different way. I like that the team plays, I like thinking footballers who know how to do a lot. “

PAUSE – “This year I didn’t want to work because I didn’t have the right desire, the right wickedness. It was my choice. Before Valencia I talked to 7-8 teams, but I’m here because I am aware that this is a great club . My story says one thing: I was one of the first Italians to go to play in England at the age of 17 and a half, I was the first world champion to work in complicated situations “.

LEVEL – “At Napoli and Milan it was easy, you have to go back further, when I was coaching Sion or Creta. There, the situations were difficult, but not here. I was in Ciutat Esportiva and I saw that I am in a great club, where you can live well. You have to start with a sense of belonging. It sounds good: Napoli, Milan and Valencia are in the same bracket. It is a club with an incredible charm and history, even if it is in difficulty now. is worth”.

MODULE – “We will definitely play with a four-man defense line. Then we can talk about two midfielders or three midfielders, so 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. But the important thing is the game, it’s keeping the ball. With a lot of professionalism we will try to play the football that I like, the one I am pursuing and on which I have been working for four years. “

MENDES – “I started my coaching career eight years ago. In my life I have never hired a Jorge Mendes footballer. I have been in football for 27 years and I have incredible respect for Mendes, a football man and a friend. But I don’t have never had an operation with him, neither at Milan nor at Napoli. Then if being a friend of Jorge Mendes and respecting Jorge Mendes is a problem, the problem is yours, not mine. I have not made any negotiations with Mendes. first person I spoke to when I heard about Valencia was former president Anil Murthy. Then later I called Mendes to tell him. But I hope that if he has a functional player he can help me and Valencia. We need help. strong players. This is as true for Jorge Mendes as it is for everyone. “

INTERVIEW WITH THE PRESIDENT – “On May 29th I left Milan Malpensa to go to Singapore with Anil Murthy. Then the next day the news came out that he had resigned. I didn’t leave with Jorge Mendes, I left alone. Jorge arrived the following day. I spent two days talking with president Lim. About everything: the problem of Soler, Guedes, Gaya, the solutions to be found if these players leave. And I found a president who already knew about these problems. reference at the moment are two people: president Lim and our sporting director Corona. Then it is normal that we know we have to do many things. I found a president who was very involved, who knew what he was talking about, and I think that time will tell us what that we can do. We need 5-6 reinforcements on the market “

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