Used cars, that's why Italians buy them online

The last few years, between pandemic and semiconductor crisis, have profoundly changed the way of living – and buying – the car. The lengthening of delivery times for new cars, caused by the difficulty in obtaining raw materials, has led many motorists to focus on used vehicles. That, to an increasing extent, they are being bought online without physically going to a retailer. CarNext, the European platform for the purchase and sale of used cars, has launched a survey on this very issue, discovering that more and more Italians are willing to buy a vehicle through the internet. And also revealing some data related to those features that motorists absolutely do not want to do withoutor when they are looking for a second hand car.

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Used cars, what cannot be missing

According to the study carried out by CarNext with mUp Research, lalmost all Italians would be willing to buy a used car online. In fact, over 90% of the interviewees believe that this purchase formula is “convenient”. Especially young people in the 18-34 range are well-disposed towards online platforms, but generally only 8% of the people who responded to the survey remain faithful to the principle of “if I don’t see, I don’t buy”. A great opening towards online purchases, but on condition that they take place safely on certified platforms: 54% of the interviewees in fact consider priority is given to payment security and the duration of the guarantee. The price of the car is also of fundamental importance for one in three motorists.

CarNext then released some data relating to the preferences of Italian motorists who go in search of a used car. From the point of view of the most searched colors there are few surprises: the most popular colors are in fact black, gray, white and blue. As for the equipment considered indispensable (by 1 out of 2 motorists) there are multi-zone climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and parking assistance systems. There is also great interest in advanced safety devices, such as the recognition of physical conditions and emotional aspects of the driver: as many as 21% of the interviewees consider it a necessary option.

And the electrified ones? Still not very present on the second-hand markets (albeit growing), battery-powered cars are the subject of great interest from customers. 85% of the interviewees research on the platforms of used electric or hybrid models.

Online sales are increasingly popular

Buying used cars online is a growing trend that is receiving positive feedback from motorists. Anyone who has bought or tried to buy a second-hand car via a digital platform called the experience “lean, simple and reliable”with 89.8% declaring themselves satisfied and 67.1% saying would recommend this mode purchase to other people.

“If before the pandemic the challenge was to get the customer to buy on a marketplace, rather than in the store, now everyone buys online – explained Dalisa Iacovino, managing director of CarNext Italia – In today’s market, the issue of trust becomes a priority for us operators. In CarNext we work every day to be recognized as a serious operator, which the user can trustand we do it also thanks to the collaboration with partners who share our way of acting and our values ​​”.

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