Finali Nazionali Under 19, Limonta Costa Masnaga e Stella Azzurra vicono il tricolore

Day of Italian titles for the Under 19 category. In Battipaglia (Sa) the Limonta Costa Masnaga won 83-45 against Umana Reyer Venezia, thus graduating as female Under 19 Italian Champion for the second time after the 2018 edition , always won in the Campania region.

A few hours later, in Ragusa, the Stella Azzurra Roma defeated College Basketball Borgomanero 99-74, seizing the third Under 19 title in its history after those won in Turin in 2015 and in Montecatini Terme in 2018 (Under 18 Excellence category).

So Pier Rossi, Costa Masnaga coach: “I am speechless for satisfaction and joy. This result rewards our season, the work done in all these months. They are exceptional girls and when they turn on the switch there is none for anyone, like the senior teams. I can only say: brave! ”.

These are the words of Germano D’Arcangeli, coach of the Stella Azzurra: “We are happy to have done the feat. The credit is all of the guys who deserved to win. We have shown that we know how to train basketball players and not just athletes, on the other hand we have changed a game system every game, demonstrating that the physical overwhelming power of the Blue Star is a stretch “.

Finals for third place. In the women’s tournament, Basket Brixia Brescia defeated Geas Sesto San Giovanni for 57-54, while in the men’s tournament Don Bosco Livorno beat Orange1 Bassano 74-62.

Women’s Under 19 National Final – Vittorio Tracuzzi Trophy. The results

Final 1st / 2nd place

Limonta Costa Masnaga – Umana Reyer Venice 83-45

Final 3rd / 4th place

Geas Sesto San Giovanni – Brixia Brescia 54-57


1st Limonta Costa Masnaga – Italian Champion

2nd Human Reyer Venice

3rd Brixia Brescia

4th Geas Sesto San Giovanni

Best Quintet:

Vittoria Allievi (Costa Masnaga)

Carlotta Zanardi (Brixia Brescia)

Anita Carraro (Human Reyer Venice)

Sara Ronchi (Geas Basket)

Matilde Bianchi (Umana Reyer Venice)

Best Coach:

Anna Zimerle (Human Reyer Venice)

National Under 19 Final Excellence – Giancarlo Primo Trophy. The results

Final 1st / 2nd place

Stella Azzurra Rome – College Basketball Borgomanero 99-74

Final 3rd / 4th place

Orange1 Bassano – Clas Renault Don Bosco Livorno 62-74


1st Blue Star Rome – Champion of Italy

2nd College Basketball Borgomanero

3rd class Renault Don Bosco Livorno

4th Orange1 Bassano

Best Quintet:

Matteo Visintin (Blue Star Rome)

Emmanuel Innocenti (Blue Star Rome)

Alessandro Ferrari (College Basketball Borgomanero)

Moussa Bamba (Orange1 Bassano)

Ivan Efetubo Onojaife Allan (Clas Renault Don Bosco Livorno)

Best Scorer – Luca Porru Award:

Gregor Kuuba (Clas Renault Don Bosco Livorno, 111 pt)

Best Coach:

Stefano Di Cerbo (College Basketball Borgomanero)

The Chronicles

Women’s Under 19 National Final

Final 1st / 2nd place

Limonta Costa Masnaga – Umana Reyer Venice 83-45

In the first quarter, Umana Reyer Venezia scores only eight points: Valentina Penna in the third minute, Matilde Bianchi in the seventh, Laura Purina and Milica Sekulic in the ninth. In the meantime Limonta Costa Masnaga has already scored 22 with the baskets of Marika Labanca, Vittoria Allievi and Matilde Villa and gives the match the same trend as in the previous five games.

Costa Masnaga is a well-structured team and certainly with taller and bigger players in every sector, which means for each opponent having to make an extra effort physically, raise the parable of shooting, work harder in defense. Together with Matilde and Eleonora Villa (who play together by heart), Vittoria Allievi, Marika Labanca, Beatrice Caloro and Nancy N’Nguessan are among the protagonists and offer a plurality of offensive and defensive situations that create many problems for the opponents on duty. Umana Reyer Venezia is not the sacrificial victim of the last act, beyond what the final score says and with strong commitment she countered blow for blow, playing to the best of her ability, even in moments of greatest crisis. But the game is firmly in the hands of the Lombard, who can rejoice for their second Scudetto in the Under 19.

Limonta Costa Masnaga – Umana Reyer Venezia 83-45 (22-8, 15-9, 27-15, 19-13)

Basket Costa: Villa M. 14 (7/9), Caloro 14 (4/6, 2/4), Osazuwa * 12 (5/8), Labanca * 14 (4/11, 1/1), Pupils 9 ( 3/10), Villa E. 10 (2/3, 2/4), Toffali * (0/1), Piatti * (0/1), Bernardi 2 (1/1, 0/1), Tentori 2 ( 1/1), Serra * 3 (1/1), N’Nguessan 3 (1/3, 0/1). Herds Rossi

Reyer Venezia: Bianchi 8 * (1/2, 2/4), Carraro 6 (1/4, 1/8), Sekulic * 10 (5/10), Siviero (0/1 of three), Rescifina * 3 ( 1/10, 0/5), Orvieto * 3 (0/3, 1/3), Purina 2 (1/1, 0/1), Matteucci *, Penna 8 (2/8, 1/1), Festinese 3 (0/2, 1/2), Zuccon 2 (1/2), Feltrin. Herds Zimerle

Referees: Del Gaudio, Licari

Final 3rd / 4th place

Geas Sesto San Giovanni – Brixia Brescia 54-57

In the final for third place Virginia Tempia resolves with determination. First with a very appropriate triple (52-54), then with a free throw that gives the final victory (54-57) and third place at Basket Brixia Brescia. Tempia’s baskets (16 points in total) unlock the stall in which Brescia had fallen. In the lead of 15 points in the 33rd minute (36-51) in practice he stops and Geas with the triples of Sofia Moretti and Sara Ronchi and the baskets of Laura Valli returns to the game and leads 52-21 with a break of 16 points. Then Tempia and Zanardi (with two free throws) overturn the result.

Geas remains in contact thanks to the offensive qualities of Sara Ronchi who plays generously, but expensive despite the energetic marking that Lucrezia Scalvini dedicates to her. The geassine seem to be dying out a little at a time, while Brixia, on the other hand, even if tired and less lively, plays in an organized way and progressively increases her advantage until the blackout and the break suffered by 16 points.

Geas Sesto San Giovanni – Brixia Brescia 54-57 (14-16, 7-13, 12-15, 21-13)

Geas Basket: Ronchi * 25 (2/4, 6/12), Moretti * 12 (3/8, 2/6), Merisio 3 (0/2, 1/5), Valli * 7 (2/10, 1 / 4), Bevilacqua 2 (1/3, 0/1), Resemini (0/2 from three), Beachi * (0/3), Benedini ne, Ramon * 3 (1/3 from three), Luciani (0 / 1), Pollini (0/1 of three), Brambilla Garini 2 (1/2). All. Thumb

Brixia Brescia: Celani 10 * (1/5, 2/3), Tempia * 16 (2/5, 3/9), Zanardi * 24 (4/10, 3/10), Scalvini * 5 (1/2, 1/3), Pinardi, Bordiga, Micheletti, Stefana, Moreni (0/1), Iervolino, Duthlon Di Natale, Minelli * 2 (1/3, 0/1). Herdsman Zanardi

Referees: Manco, Curreli

National Under 19 Final Excellence

Final 1st / 2nd place

Stella Azzurra Rome – College Basketball 99-74

College Basketball opens from the arch, Rome responds from the painting, already outlining the leitmotif of the match. Menalo and his teammates immediately impose very high rhythms dominating under the basket for the 10-5 in the 4 ‘. Despite the authoritarian departure of the capitolians, Di Cerbo’s boys try to get in rhythm, find continuity from the average and bring the match back in a draw (18-18). All to be redone for Rome which increases the defensive intensity, takes advantage of the Piedmontese turnovers and launches the new lunge, taking +10 at the start of the second period. Borgomanero suffers in defense, does not find the push from long distance while Stella Azzurra is lethal even in transition and increases the advantage (41-28 at 15 ‘). D’Arcangeli’s boys conquer space on the PalaPadua parquet and go to the long break on + 16. The inertia of the match does not change in the second half, with Stella Azzurra in full control of the match. Attempts to stem the war machine set up by D’Arcangeli do not have the effects hoped for by Borgomanero who, while fighting and not giving up playing, finds himself down by 26 to 35 ‘. Advantage that remains almost unchanged in the final.

Stella Azzurra Rome – College Basketball 99-74 (25-21.30-18.30-21.14-14)

Blue Star Rome: Innocenti 7 (2/4, 0/2), Pugliatti 15 (5/10, 1/2), Menalo * 10 (2/7, 1/2), Visintin 18 (5/15, 1 / 2), Ndzie Meteh 6 (2/3), T-shirt 14 (4/6, 1/3), Rapini * (0/1), Fresno 18 (5/7, 1/3), Sarcinella *, Giannozzi *, Salvioni 11 (5/8), Bocevski * (0/1). Herds D’Arcangeli

College Basketball: Jovanocic * 19 (4/10, 2/3), Ferrari * 6 (3/5, 0/5), Loro 12 (6/9, 0/2), Boglio 3 (0/4, 1 / 2), Ghigo * 13 (0/1, 4/10), Cecchi 17 (3/4, 1/3), Pozzato ne, Piscetta * 4 (1/1), Ferrari, Attademo * (0/2, 0 / 2), Fedorenko ne. Herdsman Di Cerbo

Referees: Ferretti, Calella, Pellicani

Final 3rd / 4th place

Orange1 Bassano – Clas Renault Don Bosco Livorno 62-74

The final for third and fourth place starts quietly. Bassano and Livorno go shoulder to shoulder until 17-17 without major jolts. The oranges try to break the balance between the first and the second period thanks to the 5 points signed by Brescianini and Mazzotti but Livorno is ready to mend the gap and put its nose forward with Bechi (22-26).

After suffering a 9-0 run, Bassano counterattacks in the name of Sarr and puts the game on a level again. On the way back from the long break, Livorno instead sets the break and goes +10 with Kuuba. Ricci’s boys take their opponents’ measurements, raise the pace and stretch again to the third siren. Bassano’s reaction travels once again on the Brescianini, Marangoni and Sarr train for 59-70 when there are 3 minutes to go.

Kuuba, definitely in the game (25 points), fights under the basket and pushes back the Venetians who no longer have the time and strength to recover.

Orange1 Bassano – Clas Renault Don Bosco Livorno 62-74 (20-17, 11-14, 13-26, 18-17)

Orange1 Bassano: Fiusco * 6 (0/2, 1/5), Nnabuife * (0/3, 0/1), Mazzotti * 6 (3/5, 0/1), Sarr * 12 (0/1, 3 / 5), Calamita * 3 (1/4, 0/1), Marangoni 7 (2/2, 1/6), Brescianini 24 (5/10, 2/5), Van Der Knaap ne, Porto 2 (1 / 3, 0/2), Deminicis, Diawara ne, Bamba 2 (0/4, 0/1). Herds Papi

Don Bosco Livorno: Bechi * 8 (2/6, 1/3), Mazzantini * 6 (1/6, 1/5), Kuuba * 25 (4/10, 3/7), Allan * 8, Mori * 9 , Ciano ne, Maniaci (0/1), Carlotti ne, Balestri ne, Geromin 3 (1/3, 0/3), Apolloni ne, Mancini 15 (5/6, 1/1). Herds Ricci

Referees: Morassutti, Bertini, Bertuccioli

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