Under 15 Lnd: five in the Cava de 'Tirreni Tournament

ROME – Grand debut for the Under 15 LND at the 31st edition from International Tournament City Cava de ‘Tirreni. The team of Roberto Chiti beat the peers of the age 5-0 Cavese. In goal Tailorauthor of a brace, Tassotti, Leg AndCamerlingo. After twenty minutes of siege the LND in one turn of the clock, between 20 ‘and 21’, placed the first two shots with a slash from distance from Sarto and a winning diagonal from Tassotti served with the tachometer by Sarto himself. At the start of the second half, Chiti’s team closed the practice again with Sarto and Gamba. The pokerissimo arrived in the 14th minute of the second half with Camerlingo who closed a valuable exchange with Anedda, author of a masterful cut.

Tomorrow Wednesday 8 June at 4.20 pm second round of the round, the LND will always face the same age of the Turris. The match will be broadcast live on the NDA’s Eleven channel

Twenty-two players from the 2007 class called up by Chiti are involved in two-half matches of 30 ‘each. Seven substitutions allowed. A group made up of players belonging to Serie D clubs and associations of the regional championships. The Under 15 team plays all the matches of the group on the “Desiderio” pitch in Cava de ‘Tirreni.

The eight participating teams were divided into two groups. The first two of each group move to the semifinals.

(3-4-2-1): Di Matteo; Iacullo (1’st Villani), Stromboli, Mori; D’Avino (1’st Paolino), Alterio (Cap.) (1’st Senator), Capone (1’st Grimaldi), Di Florio (1’st Santoro); Zannoni, Serpe (1’st Di Fazio); Of Catarino. All: Hyacinth
UNDER 15 LND (4-2-3-1): Walls; Anedda, Gamba (15’st Fanali), Belloni, Camerlingo; Pregnolato (15’st Carlini), Curzi (25’st Spadafora); Petrone (10’st Padriciello), Sarto, Romanini (10’st Steffani); Tassotti (10’st Galvagno). All: Chiti
REFEREE: Palumbo of Nocera Inferiore
MARKERS: 20’pt and 2’st Sarto, 21’pt Tassotti, 9’st Gamba, 14’st Camerlingo

Tuesday 7 June
(1st matchday group A)
Cavese-U15 LND 0-5
Salernitana-Turris 3-2

Classification: Lnd and Salernitana 3 points; Cavese, Turris 0

(2nd matchday group A)
16.20 Turris-U15 LND – CS “Desiderio” of Cava de ‘Tirreni live streaming profile Lnd Elevensport.com
5.40 pm Cavese-Salernitana

Thursday 9 June
(3rd matchday group A)
7 pm Salernitana-U15 LND – CS “Desiderio” of Cava de ‘Tirreni live streaming profile Lnd Elevensport.com
16.20 Turris-Cavese

Friday 10th June
10.30 / 15 at the “Simonetta Lamberti” stadium in Cava de ‘Tirreni

Saturday 11 June
(The final)
4.45 pm at the “Simonetta Lamberti” stadium in Cava de ‘Tirreni.

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