Transfer market Rome: Psg-Mourinho, denials.  Isco situation

ROME – Mourinho does not leave, the Rome has entered his heart, he has repeated several times recently that he wants to carry on the project to make the team grow. So, in a matter of hours, she was denial the indiscretion released by the Telegraph in the afternoon, according to which the Special One would be among the candidates for the bench of the Paris Saint Germain. Giallorossi fans in fibrillation, but the alarm came back quickly. The Portuguese will be one hundred percent thetrainer yellow Red in the next season. In Trigoria they fell from the clouds, Mourinho is working on the new season, he is in constant contact with Tiago Pintor, both are in Portugal these days. There are no signs of a possible farewell, nor is the Special One thinking of a future far from the capital, despite the good report which he has with the new sports director of the Parisians, Luis Campos. L’indiscretion it was also denied by Paris Saint Germain, who is thinking of Christophe to replace Mauricio Pochettino Galtiercurrently coach of Nice ea GallardoRiver Plate coach.

Deputy Mkhitaryan

There Rome is looking for a replacement for Mkhitaryanwhich has agreed with theInter disappointing with his manager and management decision. Contacts continue with Isco, released from Real Madrid, three years younger than the Armenian. Isco was proposed by Mendes, the Portuguese agent who also looks after Mourinho’s interests. The Spaniard turned 30 in April, played only 17 games last season, despite having made the recent history of the Blancos with 353 appearances overall. The problem is the salary, considering that he asks for no less than five million a season with a three-year contract. Mourinho knows him well, he has great experience and a great desire for revenge. From a physical point of view there is some doubt. In recent days it has also been proposed Goetze, on which Rome had asked for information even a year ago. The German has also just turned thirty, in the PSV he has found redemption, in the last season he played 52 games with 12 goals, he recovered after a period of decline that began in 2014, when he was a protagonist in world champion Germany. Goetze has a clause that he can free himself for for five million. At the moment the negotiation has not taken off. Also offered Farias, a very young Argentine of twenty, who a year ago led the Colon of Santa Fé to win his first title in Argentina, the Copa de la Liga Profesional. Roma have been following him for months, it costs ten million and there is fierce competition: Atalanta, Fiorentina, Juventus and Atletico Madrid. For the role of central defender one of the favorites remains Sienese of Feyenoord. It costs twelve million, while Inter has also fallen on him in the last few hours.

Rome, the market comes alive: here is who remains, who leaves and who is in doubt

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Rome, the market comes alive: here is who remains, who leaves and who is in doubt

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