Tramontana: 'Il ritorno di Lukaku è un altro miracolo di Marotta, ma la legge del mercato porterà alla cessione di Skriniar'

Until yesterday we couldn’t imagine our team without him. But how can the man who most embodies the crazy desire of Inter like him wear a shirt that hasn’t drawn the Nerazzurri stripes? Skriniar, in the collective imagination, was our future, the man from whom to start again at all levels. Marotta and Ausilio, however, are moving their pawns on a chessboard that has never been so laborious and complicated.

The chess queen would be envious of the inspiration and imagination that the Nerazzurri management duo is showing in these delicate hours.

Inter, after the difficult last summer, moved immediately and well in advance to prepare the team that this year will have to try again to sew the shield of the second star on their chest: Onana and Mkhitaryan are purchases made, Dybala has long had the pen in hand to put the signature on the contract while Asslani is already deputy Brozo. In all of this, however, there is the Skriniar knot.

The Slovakian has no intention of moving, he wants to become the captain of this team, it has always been his goal and, with Handanovic who could become the twelfth, the Nerazzurri defender would have a good chance of finally wearing the armband.

But now the speech really seems to have changed. Until 10 days ago no one thought of such a scenario. When PSG enters the race, however, everything takes an unexpected turnthey have an unlimited wallet and the offer of almost 9 million a year presented to the player makes even an Nerazzurri heart like the Slovakian falter.

When the figures become so important, the negotiation opens regardless of who the object of desire is, the attachment to the shirt takes a back seat and the player’s symbology for the people becomes almost irrelevant.

At 80 million you sit at the table, it is true for everyone, as Weah would have said, “good and bad”. He had to leave Inter with Conte because, for the former Inter coach, he was unsuitable for his three-man defense. It seemed that Conte’s defensive creed was not suited to the physical and technical characteristics of the Slovakian giant, too cumbersome, too slow to close the diagonals and too “woody” with his feet to build a quick restart from the bottom on the high pressing of the opponents.

But Skri is a champion and, as such, he has been able to impose himself even in a new role by becoming a “war machine” in that area of ​​the pitch as well. These are the times, the club is bringing really strong people to Milan, Lukaku’s return is one step away and can be counted among Marotta’s “miracles”.

A player sold for 115 million last year returns, almost for free, not even 12 months after his departure, reinforcing a department that promises wonders with him, Lautaro and Dybala.

Like all medals, however, there could be the other side, the ugly one, that of Skriniar’s departure from Milan. The captain’s armband would have been a fair reward and a pride for a man, before a player, who has staked all his chips on the Nerazzurri wheel because he considered it a winner, considered it home.

Surely Skriniar wants to stay. Then there is the law of the market, the one that imposes painful choices on you, the one that makes you bend to circumstances and, even if I still hope that something will change, the case seems to be that of our great number 37.

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