Tramontana: 'Suning ha trasformato l'Inter riportandola in alto, chi vuole cacciare Zhang ha la memoria corta'

We live in the most unusual era that there can be, we are in a period in which it is easier to live in a social network, a tool that gives a voice to everyone but hides the face of most of them. Within that virtual world, you can allow yourself to insult anyone, foaming anger and bragging about knowing things about topics that you really don’t know anything about. Here, those who do not live there every day in football become a great market insider on Twitter who not only makes fun of the most unwary, but also pollutes the work of those few serious people left who live and magic football.
Those who really deal with the transfer market (to clarify I am not one of them) do not have an easy life, they spend time on the phone chasing people who are already in constant motion and with little time to waste. The serious professional has built a career for himself over the years and has contacts rooted in his daily “banging”. But then Twitter arrives and the first “Piripicchio Interista” and “Caiosempronio rossonero” know everything about everyone, they have news about which they arrived months ago and that now everyone is copying and they are a continuation of “as I told you and anticipated months ago …”, but what? All of this would make you laugh if it didn’t piss you off.

THE WRONG HASHTAG – All this long preamble to make clear the concept that social networks generate “monsters” that we would hardly find in real life (at least in the football field). I imagine I meet one of these braggart around the street asking him for market news, I already have the embarrassed face of my interlocutor in front of me.
In these hours, for example, the slogan #suningout is coming back into fashion (in trend to use the correct term of Twitter) among Inter fans.
There is a (very large) hard core of Nerazzurri fans who never miss an opportunity to denigrate the property in no uncertain terms and without half measures. I find all this very exaggerated and ungenerous against those who have Inter made it return to the glories of a time that was now forgotten.
I am certainly not happy with the fact that I am faced with a reality in which it becomes necessary to sell fundamental players to make the corporate balance sheet sustainable, I do not celebrate if in one year I lose Hakimi and Lukaku and the next year I risk seeing a heart go away. Nerazzurri like Bastoni, but the reality cannot be ignored.

EUROPEAN SUPERMARKET – We are in a period in which we need to raise money and we are not in the conditions, not only as Inter Milan but also as Italian football, to dictate that instead of money it has to throw away. The Premier is the Serie A of the 90s, at that time the Italians on the market did what they wanted, now it’s up to us to suffer the same fate as those who were plundered at the time of their jewels. Serie A is now unfortunately the supermarket of European football, if you have the money come to us and buy, all very simple.

THE MERITS OF SUNING – But let’s go back to #suningout: I understand the anger and the worry of losing important players but one cannot but consider the sporting results that this property has achieved in a few years. We cannot take away the merits that the facts testify on paper that continues to sing. Many will answer me that if I am happy like this I am wrong, here it is clear that I am not happy not to be in the conditions of the PSG (immune from any Uefa control), However, I also try to attribute the merits to a property that has taken Inter as a team in disarray, excluded from any serious goal and brought it back to win with a serious project made one step at a time. This property has built a true organization chart with the best managers around and has brought top-level coaches and players to Inter. Do you remember Inter before Suning? Maybe your memory is a little short. And then I ask myself: do you want to kick Zhang out to hope to be caught by who exactly? From a fund? From another foreign owner who does not know what goals he may have? We know how the saying goes: “whoever leaves the old road for the new one knows what he leaves and does not know what he finds”.
I have a memory and fighting for the various trophies every year doesn’t make me sick after years of suffering in the trenches. So dear Suningout I’m not saying I love everything and everyone but at least some merit to those who made you back as protagonists try to give it in spite of Twitter trends!

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