Tramontana: 'Partenze ma anche arrivi, l'Inter ha già mostrato cosa sa fare. E se non ci spende 50 milioni, è solo brava'

It hasn’t even started officially and the Inter market is already combed, analyzed and judged. To be honest it seems a bit exaggerated to me. If I had to listen to all the rumors heard up to now, I would have a different team in front of me every day. According to market rumors, I would have already had time to lose Bastoni, Dumfries, Skriniar, Lautaro and Barella and I would already have Dybala in the squad and a thousand other names of unknown defenders in addition to the well-known faces of Bremer and Milenkovic. In short, let’s calm downbecause with each reported pseudo-news, ready to be denied the second later, a vortex of Social “disease” that begins to create more and more new slogans and imaginative ready to accompany the classic and evergreen #suningout.

Obviously, I can’t control the rivers of words that are wasted every day Twitter but I have the freedom and, fortunately, the good sense not to be influenced by me. The Nerazzurri management is working tirelessly to provide Inzaghi with a team capable of winning the championship again. after the hoax this season. At Inter, the disappointment for not having scudetto immediately turned into motivation to try to reach that very important second star which vanished this year, when it was there within reach. Marotta did not digest the defeat and threw himself body and soul into his work, he wants to go back to winning and he wants to do it already next season. Therefore you must try to have confidence in a management that has already amply demonstrated that it knows its stuff even in the face of many and sudden difficulties. This is why I do not enter into the merits of the names, I do not deal with the market and I leave this thankless job to those who know how to do it seriously, but I also distance myself from every little voice that approaches or distances a player, each time different, to my team from lunch to dinner.

I know there may be departures but I know there will also be arrivals of some importance. The thing that worries me, or rather, that puzzles me is that people are happy only if you spend 50 million for a player otherwise the purchase is worth nothing. In short, to put it simply, if you spend 50 million for Dybala it’s okay and applause is made to the property that invests money, if instead it comes for free it is a good spare wheel for those who do not have a euro to spend. The truth is that if you bring people like Calhanoglu, Dybala and Mkhitarian to zero euros you are only good and far-sighted, it is a plus for a management not a minus. But I understand that in the era of “all financial experts” nowadays we are fighting against windmills. These days everyone is good at reading financial statements and understanding the movements of people who move huge interests around the world every day, it is as if I explained to a surgeon how to do a liver transplant, I would be ridiculous as well as dangerous for others. But so it is, I got used to it. I sit comfortably and observe the work of those who know how to do waiting for the best for my Inter!

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