Toyota Corolla Hybrid, news and upgrades arrive in 2023

Those are quite secondary news, those that Toyota Corolla 2023 announces on the European market. They affect sedan and station wagon, affect the specifications of the two full hybrid systems.

Too bad that, to drive them, we will have to wait until the first quarter of 2023. It will be necessary to be patient to have a good handful of more horses under your foot, to unchanged consumption and emissionsas well as a more natural feel in the acceleration response.

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Adas and infotainment: all the news

Then there are the news related to connectivity, navigation with data exchanged via the cloud, as well as voice recognition with natural instructions. Continuing, space for info in real time.

Far more useful are the Adas of Toyota Safety Sense enhanced in the T-Mate. Blind Spot Monitoring is used for Safe Exit Assist. It prevents the doors from being opened if it detects the risk of a collision with an oncoming vehicle or cyclist.

By switching to active lane keeping, the assistance on the steering wheel also helps the driver to avoid side collisions and when crossing the oncoming lane.

Acceleration Suppression is a device for inattentive or novice drivers: it flattens the response to gas pressure if, at low speeds, the system detects excessive pressure, which would lead to a rear-end collision risk.

Said of the news oninfotainment with 10.5-inch screenwith larger dimensions, like the 12.3-inch customizable digital instrumentation, it is around the full hybrid system that Toyota Corolla 2023 deeply affects.

The power of hybrid engines rises

We could call it a restyling, were it not for nonexistent style interventions. True, the standard equipment earns the bi-Led and adaptive headlights on the upper trim levels. there are colors, styles of the rims, an interior renewed for combinations. But that’s not enough.

As for Corolla Hybrid 1.8, from 122 horses the system goes on to develop 140 and gives a nice support in acceleration: sprint in 9 “2, time on 0-100 km / h reduced by 1” 7. Toyota also surpasses the dual proposal of battery packs, making the composition ai standard lithium ions for both 1.8 and 2.0. This generates weight advantages, up to 18 kg in less and is accompanied by a greater power of the accumulator.

The Corolla 1.8 emissions and consumption remain unchanged (102 g / km of CO2 emitted). Three grams less emissions than the Hybrid 2.0, but in the face of greater power, 196 horsepower mark an increase of 12 horsepower. It benefits from the liveliness, the 0-100 km / h from 7 “5 (5 tenths faster).

Acceleration, new approach thanks to electronics

Solutions completed by the revision of the electronic control unit of the system, between the contribution of the electric motor and the thermal one. It has been physically redesigned and brings different acceleration management logics.

We know how the specificity of the Toyota hybrid on Corolla there are no variations in engine rpm as acceleration progresses. A real gearbox is missing, as is well known. The technicians intervened to recreate acceleration with a greater correspondence to the pressure on the gas pedal. The contribution of the electrical part changes, given the operation of the heat engine at a lower rotation speed, also to the benefit of the internal noise.

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