Tortu and the goals of the summer: "In Rome to surpass me"

Tortu, do you know that tomorrow evening he will also find the British Mitchell-Blake at his side, who burned at the finish line in Tokyo after having recovered a good meter for him?

“No, I didn’t know. He means that he will see the red cloth again. In fact we had already met around 200 last September in Poland and I had beaten him again. There is respect between us and he never wanted me for having blown his gold at the last stride ».

And there is also the Tokyo Olympic silver medal in the 200, the American Bednarek

«The more we are, the better. One more reason to go fast. Bednarek, however, is the favorite, at the Games he raced in 19 ”68 in the final!».

What effect does it have on you to confront Patta and Desalu?

“This is the first time this has happened. We are great friends with Lorenzo and Fausto. The fact remains that it will be an unprecedented derby between financiers (all three play in the Fiamme Gialle; ed) ».

Tomorrow is the third outing of the season: the 100 in Nairobi in 10 “24, then the 200 in Doha in 20” 41 and ten days ago he ran the 100 again in favor of the wind in Trieste in 10 “14. What do you expect?

«I am quite satisfied with the results, especially in Trieste I found a good launch as I had not done for some time. I see that the shape is coming day by day. The debut on the 200 in Doha doesn’t matter, I raced in the first lane there, I hope they give me an external one here ».

It is the third time in five years that he will compete in the 200s at the Golden Gala. In 2017, at 19, he raced in 20 ”34, two years later in 20” 36: what’s the weather in his head?

«I closed 2021 with 20” 11 in Nairobi (second Italian time trial after 19 ”72 in Mennea; ed). So here I would like to be a staff ».

By the time of Nairobi he qualified for the Eugene World Cup.

«It is a great advantage, because I can compete without anxiety. I won’t have to chase the clock. I can focus on the race rhythm, which is what makes you go fast. But I’d like to go under 20 seconds later in the season ”

Now he has dedicated himself full time to the 200, what has he learned compared to the 100?

«When I did the 200 here in Rome I started very strong and then I arrived on my knees. Mistakes of youth. Today I realized that you don’t have to start in fourth gear and that if you make a mistake in the cornering set-up it will be painful ».

Let’s face it, what are the goals for the summer?

“The final at the World Cup and a medal at the European Championships in Munich (in mid-August; ed)”.

This year in the Top 20 of the world lists there is only one European (Dobson 20 “19; ed)

“But the season is only just beginning. We will have to go fast in the middle of summer ».

The post-Olympic season is creating problems for many champions, from Warholm to Jacobs.

«Injuries are always around the corner. Warholm is right when he says that it is more difficult to stay at the top than to win once ».

And was Jacobs wrong in not stopping in time?

“In hindsight, everyone is good. I’m sure she will be back soon, she has time to do it before Eugene and Monaco. I wish him all the best ».

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