Stasera alle 20.00 sui canali Mediasport Group e LNP Pass diretta di gara 1 Udine-Verona

National Basketball League announces the television programming for match 1 of the playoff final of Serie A2 Old Wild West 2021/22 in the Gold Scoreboard, on Mediasport Group channels.

Sunday 5th June, 8.00 pm

Palasport “Carnera”, Udine

Commentary by Matteo Gandini
Technical comment by Paolo Lepore

  • Live on digital terrestrial channel platform 402 MS Sport (clear)
  • Live on the Sky channel platform 814 MS Channel (satellite, pay)
  • Live on Tivusat channel platform 54 MS Channel (satellite, unencrypted)
  • Live streaming on LNP PASS (for subscribers)

CHANNEL 402 DTT – MS Sport broadcasts nationwide on digital terrestrial channel 402. To receive channel 402 you need to retune the channels on your TV.
HBBTV – The MS Plus interactive platform, equipped with HBBTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) technology, allows all Smart TVs enabled for this service, through the red button, to view some OTT channels of Mediasport Group and its partners in HD. Including the match chosen as “Game Of The Week”, which can be accessed by clicking on the LNP PASS icon. Device internet connection required.
NEW STANDARD DTT – Mediasport Group channels already operate with MPEG4 encoding. From 30 June 2022, the conversion to DVB-T2, an evolution of the digital terrestrial signal currently in use, will be completed.
RESTUNING AND NEW MUX – The switch requires a necessary retuning of the reception equipment. Following the closure of some MUXs (short for Multiplexthe technique used to transmit digital terrestrial signals) and transfer to others, it is advisable to consult the site www.otgtv.itselect your region of residence and choose one of the MUXs that you find suitable for reception.
CHANNEL RECEIVING PROBLEMS? – If the other channels of the MUX are visible, but MS Sport is not visible, the following problems may exist:
– Following transfer to another Mux, the signal is not visible. Solution: re-tune the TV.
– TV difficulty receiving H264 / MPEG4 format signal. Solution: the purchase of a digital terrestrial decoder, or the replacement of the television with one of the latest generation.
– The channels are not fully visible. Solution: there may be a problem with the positioning of the antenna.
REFERENCE SITE – For any further information, consult the website www.otgtv.itselect your region of residence and choose one of the MUXs that you find suitable for reception.

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