A tutto Tardelli: 'L'urlo Mundial, Bearzot dimenticato, le accuse di evasione fiscale, la malattia di Rossi, oggi giocherei nel Milan'

Forty years ago in Spain the first game of the heroes of Mundial 82. “At the beginning we did not realize the significance of our enterprise, but thanks to us people came back to demonstrate for something and not against someone”. The joy but also the painful memories. “I regret the insult to Brera, I would like more consideration for Bearzot”

On the day of this anniversary, Emanuela Audisio for Repubblica interviews Marco Tardelli, author of the most famous scream in football history, after his goal in the final against West Germany.

Had he ever seen the Scream?
“No, never seen the painting. Not at the museum, but I knew that Edvard Munch was a painter. I don’t mind being associated with him, but my mood at the Bernabeu was not that: no agony or suffering, but the ‘scream of a goal reached with sacrifice, against everyone. And yes, I ran like a madman. I thought of mine: I showed them, I said to myself, they didn’t want me to play football, here, you see, I won, there I made it, look at me dad who woke up at six to go to work, who threw away my first shirt, you didn’t care so much, and you too mom who preferred me wise at school. It was my fantastic redemption. you, convinced I did not have the physical “.

Not even a little nauseous from that endless scream?
“No, I’m proud of it, it never tired me or made me a prisoner. It lasted seven seconds then, the time of 175 frames, and it still lasts. It is like frozen. It remains my most beautiful page, it has erased every before and every after , it belongs to another era, but it is in my life, even if it has made it disappear. It is in history, for my children and grandchildren. It would have bothered me more not to have done so. “

They called it Sketch.
“True. I was a sleepless player, an agitated one, the only one who had a room only for himself. Strange because no one in the family had that type of problem. Maybe it was because as a boy I used to drink coffee and milk before. to go to bed, my parents weren’t nutritionists, so at the 82nd World Cup I spent the nights standing, knocking on other people’s doors, I wanted to chat, but on the last night Zoff and Scirea locked themselves in, didn’t let me in. They slept, blessed. I had brought my supply of books: the novels of Morris West and a lot of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who I liked and made me feel good. “

He screamed not only in the final, even earlier.
“I wasn’t gagged, I said mine. At that time we talked to journalists in the locker room and outside, we discussed, argued, made peace, and then started again. Football, the national team, was not a protected product like today, nobody of us he had a personal staff or a press officer. Today the information has only one direction, nothing is spontaneous, everything is studied and controlled. Nobody would allow the departure of an adventure to offend or to go down hard with the team and players So it happened. How do you shut up when your federal president says we’ll be home soon and when the league president says he can’t wait to kick our asses?

Those where the coach Bearzot slapped a fan who had called him a monkey for excluding Beccalossi.
“An educational slap. To teach respect, even the girl understood. Impossible today with the new sensibilities and stormy social networks. Bearzot was a decent person, you could criticize him, not offend him. When he quarreled with a journalist it was because he believed that as a guest in a retreat, in someone else’s house, you have a duty to be polite. And when they said that Cabrini and Rossi were sleeping together, we laughed at each other, but he frowned. He wondered: don’t they think about their relatives and children left at home? some themes had a moral of its own, he went crazy if they touched the family “.

You followed great writers such as Brera, Arpino, Soldati, Del Buono, Bene: but you have left them speechless.
“Strange and absurd to think about it today. So many teachers and we are in silence. I still blame myself for insulting Brera. He wrote that my tires were flat. I saw him enter the retreat bar in Pontevedra, I got up saying aloud. : “I’m going away, I smell like shit.” I didn’t have to, I was wrong, I never had the opportunity to apologize. I still regret, I won’t absolve myself. Even after the goal against Germany I made the sign of the cross, it was mine habit of asking forgiveness for what came out of my mouth “.

Is your success more iconic or that of 2006?
“Both deserved, it’s not a race to see who did better. But if we talk about icons, I mean that of 82. Not only because we clearly beat Maradona’s Argentina, Zico’s Brazil, Rummenigge’s Germany, but for what happened in the squares. People went back to demonstrate together for something and not against someone, waving the flag was no longer fascist, but it meant recognizing oneself in a collective biography, after terrorism and crises, and beyond rhetoric , we could go back to believing in ourselves. But we understood this when we returned to Italy on Pertini’s plane, as soon as we landed. And we needed to ask Juve to adjust our contract: because the foreigners who arrived, Platini and Boniek, were they supposed to take more samples than us? “.

There in Madrid, no signs?
“Not at all. The evening of the triumph I spent in the corridor of the hotel talking with Scirea, Rossi and Cabrini. The first quiet night after so many storms. And now we were wondering, what to do? Is it true that after a big flood?” you feel a deep emptiness. We could not imagine the noise that was building in Italy. Nor that from heroes we would be transformed into criminals, indeed into tax evaders. In 1986 I was on vacation with Zoff in Punta Ala when the judicial summons arrived in front of me to a magistrate in Milan. I answer: I’m over my holidays in two days, can you wait? No, you have to go immediately is the answer. The magistrate is waiting for me with the words: confess, Zoff has already spoken. But confess what? passports, to all 22 players, as if we were ready to escape abroad. We were accused for the prize received by the sponsor on the return trip and indicted also for not reporting the money collected in the tax return. exempted in 83. We were acquitted with full formula in 1989. This hasn’t changed: if a manager earns millions it’s him because he deserves them, the money of sportsmen on the other hand always seems unfair and exaggerated “.

The glory lasts a moment, is the title of Zoff’s autobiography.
“Yes. Often they obscure you when you are alive and get rid of you when you are dead. I say this for Bearzot who deserves a great memory today, but he is neglected. They talk more about us than about him. It is not fair. If he believed in something he would throw it down. the walls with headboards. They tell everything on TV, there is no shortage of sports documentaries. But why nothing about Bearzot? He made us win a title that had been missing since ’38 and have a success that had eluded us for 14 years, from the ‘European Championship’ 68 “

You had very touching words for Paolo Rossi: did he take away your invulnerability?
“No, even though he was from ’56 and I from ’54, and when the youngest dies you have certain thoughts. But what hurts me more than when Platini called me at six in the morning to give me the news is that Paolo is he hid his illness, the pain was not having been able to help him. Scirea left in a sudden accident, Paolo no, I’m not saying he should have talked about it in our chat mundial, but I wanted to do something. so, kind and elusive, he was always on his cloud, he smiled, but his head was far away. Football no longer interested him, not even being a commentator, he preferred the job of an entrepreneur “.

Which club would you like to play in today?
“In Italy in Milan because he was able to work as a team with Maldini, abroad in Real for the same reason. When Butragueño took me to see their museum I breathed in the history of a collective.”

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