Tinet hires Miguel David Gutierrez

PRATA DI PORDENONE (PORDENONE) – Thinking of Cuba, in addition to an enchanting island immersed in the Caribbean sea, cigars and rum come to mind. But when it comes to volleyball there is another type of export: athletes with great physicality and character, fought over by the best teams in the world. At the level of opposites there is a very long tradition that goes from Joel Despaigne, bogeyman in the 80s-90s of the national team of the Generation of Phenomena, passing through Osvaldo Hernandez and arriving at phenomenal modern forwards such as Leon, Leal and Yant who even if they play in place 4 make the attack one of their main characteristics. Trying to increase the potential for hurting Tinet, the technical and managerial staff turned to Cuba and hit a big hit by hiring Miguel David Gutierrez, opposite of the Caribbean national team, the first non-European foreigner in the history of Prata volleyball. . 25-year-old Gutierrez is a formidable striker who makes arm speed and stroke height his strength.


After taking his first volleyball steps on his native island, he began to travel the world and not yet twenty years old he landed in Italy, in the Superlega in Ravenna. Then a few seasons in Argentina with the Gigantes del Sur and the last very recent experience in Saudi Arabia with Al – Kweldeeh. He has covered the entire career of the Cuban youth national teams and now plays permanently in the senior national team. Here he has taken away some satisfactions. The most recent was the conquest of the individual awards as the best opposite and MVP of the event at the Norceca Challenger, whose victory will allow Cubans to be able to play the match in Korea at the end of July to enter the next Volleyball Nations League. Now Gutierrez is engaged with the Cuban national team, in a collegiate with an enlarged group. If he is selected in the group of owners, a busy summer is expected. At the beginning of July there is a tournament in Mexico and then at the end of the month the Challenger which will be played in Korea and which, if won, will allow Cubans to be able to play in next year’s Volley Nations League. In August, the Pan-American finals will be held in Canada which will be preparatory to the World Cup which will be played at the end of August. Miguel David, therefore, could reach Prata in the first week of September.


What convinced you to accept Prata’s proposal?

«Mainly the possibility of returning to Italy, after the Ravenna experience. There, both in Super League and in Serie A2, the level is very high and playing with it allows you to become a great player ».

You have already played in Italy when you were very young. Do you feel changed as a player?

«When I played in Ravenna I was very young and perhaps I was not yet ready to face that kind of level and that experience. I was one of the first Cuban players to be contacted. Now things have changed both for the experience with the clubs and for that with the national team ».

What are your expectations for next season?

«First of all try to get a good result both personally and as a team. I usually listen to what the club’s goal is and, together with my new teammates, I will do my best to achieve it ».

What do you think is your strong point as a player?

It’s a difficult question, but I’ll tell you what the coaches who saw me play said about me. I believe that my strengths are those that characterize the Cuban players: the attack and the serve ».

And how is Miguel off the pitch?

«I am Cuban, I like to keep active and go out with my mates and, when possible, have a little party. But I’m actually a very, very quiet person. And I would also say you are very shy. I am married, I have a beautiful one year and eight months old daughter and for this reason I also have other responsibilities off the pitch. They told me that Prata is a small city, but with a group of very present and warm fans, who always follow us. It will be nice to play for them too. I’m reviewing my Italian and even if I understand everything more or less, I expect to be able to speak it correctly soon ».


«I am particularly satisfied with the signing of Gutierrez I believe this is a strong signal from the Company to the entire volleyball movement, from Prato and elsewhere, in wanting to face the next A2 championship with the right caliber in order to be competitive in a context that promises to be particularly challenging considering the formations that we will have to face. Miguel David was strongly pursued and wanted and we are happy he accepted our proposal. However, we must take into account that every single player represents a very important piece but must be included in the team group which remains, according to our philosophy, always and in any case the center of the project ».

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