Non c’è storia al Forum. L’Olimpia Milano scuce lo scudetto dal petto della Virtus Bologna

No game at the Forum. Olimpia Milano retains the home factor for the third time out of three games and wins the Scudetto number 29. Virtus bows its head while fighting. It is only the second act of a challenge that will warm Italian basketball for a long time.

81-64 the final, series closed at 4-2


Olimpia starts running, defending and running, and with 6 points from Shields and the direction of Chacho is 10-3 at 6.30. As he also finds the bomb of 16-7, Scariolo calls a timeout at 4.04 with 4 losses and 3 steals from the Milan defense. Immediately on the field Pajola, Sampson, Alibegovic and Teodosic, the 5 lost on recovery by Melli arrives (also two offensive rebounds for him) and 18-7 at 3.23. Virtus lost sixth, Milan’s fifth recovery, Shields crushes on the counterattack unleashing the Forum (20-7). Very slippery pitch, but Milan does not stop with Grant’s triple of 25-11 at 1.19, after Shengelia’s triple, Grant’s jumper arrives for 29-16 on the siren.


Datome starts with the bomb of 32-16 at 9.20, but Virtus begins to take measures in defense with Alibegovic alongside Jaiteh, Hackett supports 32-21 at 5.57 and Weems signs a recovery in defense that forces Messina to timeout a 5.49. Jaiteh also finds the 32-23 for the 7-0 partial and the -9, but from the corner comes the Shields bomb at 5 ‘. Alibegovic finds his second triple for 37-29, and Hackett finds the basket and a foul of 39-34 at 2.18. A recovery from Hines stops the bleeding, 43-36 at the end of the first half.


The Chacho invents for Hines, Datome puts the triple of 48-36 after two infinite possessions, after a recovery of the Chacho on Shengelia is Scariolo timeout at 6.23. Chacho puts it from his home for 51-36 at 5.10, Melli finds 53-36 (maximum advantage), then Virtus scores the first basket at 4.20 with Sampson from the line, and after Teodosic puts the first from the field at 3.40 (53-41). At 2.53 Hall for 57-41, at 1.51 Melli finds the free throws of 59-43 after the double coach for him and Shengelia. After a cumbersome action Shields puts the 61-44, 61-46 at the end of the third quarter.


Hines takes the offensive rebound and puts the 63-46 at 9.18, immediately after Virtus loses the ball with Shengelia due to Scariolo’s timeout. In the field from the end of the third quarter also Mannion after Hackett’s quarter, Chacho puts the 65-46 (maximum advantage), Virtus loses the ball again, Melli for +21 at 7.40. Hines finds the +23 at 6.46, Chacho steals the ball for 71-46. It’s game over.

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