L'inarrestabile declino di Paulo Sousa, allenatore (ex) ambizioso

The end was foretold but no one expected it to come so quickly. Paulo Sousa is fired from Flamengo after not even six months on the Rossoneri bench, and given the stunted stay at the helm of the most popular team in the country it is difficult to think it could have gone otherwise. What stands out is, if anything, the speed with which the adventure on that bench came to an end: after only 10 days of the Brasileirão, the national championship. Which for Flamengo started badly in terms of results and even worse in terms of play.

As for the results, they have been collected only 3 wins out of 10 races, which caused the team to sink to fourteenth place with 12 points, already 7 behind the leaders Palmeiras. As for the game, he never convinced and was often an expression of the coach’s uncertainties. That this experience on the Flamengo bench began in a controversial way and then continued to live it in full disquiet. A state of mind that, as told by Calciomercato.comalso touched upon grotesque passages when over him loomed the ghost of his colleague and compatriot Jorge Jesus, who in a very recent past has successfully coached Flamengo and sent absolutely inappropriate messages.

Beyond the incorrect attitude towards the colleague, it was evident that Jorge Jesus sensed the fragility of Paulo Sousa’s situation at the Flamengo. And who knows if now he is not regretting not having waited a little longer for the Rossoneri bench to be free, given that in the meantime he has married in Turkey at Fenerbahçe. The bench of the Rio club was entrusted to Dorival Junior. And as for Paulo Sousa, he just has to meditate on a career that has embarked on a negative parablealso due to his choices that are anything but prudent as well as questionable in terms of professionalism. Such as, for example, that of resigning at the end of 2021 from the leadership of the Polish national team, to go right on the Flamengo bench. A choice that in Poland obviously aroused reactions of strong spite, especially since under the guidance of the Portuguese coach the progress of the national team had never thrilled. Not only mediocre play and results, but also being dumped as second picks and with an ongoing commitment. Either way, without Paulo Sousa on the bench, the Poles took off the ticket for Qatar 2022 after the play-offs. And certainly in Warsaw more than someone will have smiled upon hearing the news that last Friday 9 June the former coach who had better things to do in Brazil was kicked out after not even half a season.

The poor experience at the Flamengo adds a stage to the negative streak of the man from Viseu, who backwards (before passing through Poland) Bordeaux And Tianjin Quanjian. To find some light again, we need to go back to the two-year period in Florence (2015-17). Or rather, in the first year, because already in the second season the relationship with the purple environment had deteriorated. The excellent start of the first season had made Paulo Sousa rise in the consideration of the observers, who saw him as an emerging coach. Indeed, the Fiorentina team had done very well in the first round and could have concluded better if the club (then owned by the Della Valle family) had intervened as necessary during the January transfer market. The Paulo Sousa of those months, as well as being a technician capable of making the team perform at their best, was a great storyteller who conquered the square and journalists talking about ‘calscio emussiunàle“. But those who saw him behind the scenes also told him as a man very determined in dividing the purple world between the subjects he could trust and those who, on the other hand, did not even have to come close to the training ground. An attitude that backfired when the results no longer lived up to the expectations he himself had helped to fueland especially after the news (absolutely unfounded, as facts have shown) had spread that his next destination was the Juventus: because at that point he found no one, outside his circle of loyalists, ready to defend him.

Probably it was the excess of ambition that ruined it. The same ambition that, in the days of the first season that saw him in full growth, led him to make statements that were a little too optimistic during an interview with the Portuguese newspaper In Bola. Among other things, Paulo Sousa said that within five years he wanted to win the Champions League. Which, evidently, already led him to project beyond Florence, since it was at least complicated to believe that by 2021 he could win the top European club competition at the helm of Fiorentina. And now that six years have passed since that interview, the man of the ‘calscio‘ that does not ‘emussiòna‘no one would do better to reread that interviewto. Perhaps to understand how much hubris there has been in its rapid decline. She could help him get his feet back on the ground. And possibly to respect commitments instead of tearing them up to pursue occasions deemed more rewarding.


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