The streets of the new Naples: Deulofeu, Bernardeschi, Beto and Scamacca in the sights

NAPLES – After all, we are atoverture: yet something has already happened. There is the trace to start a novel, this time more dense than the previous ones, and if we end up finding ourselves in a thriller, it will only be discovered by leafing through the pages of this umpteenth hot and even a bit tortuous summer, with an idea inside. from Naples new or even an antique. He’s already gone Street Lorenzo Insigneeven though it is still doing the suitcasesbut with him a decade dissolves, which takes away the tiriaggiro and many dreams: one does not get rid of the weight of the memory of his 122 goals so easily, but Khvicha Kvaratskhelia he started to send out subliminal messages that a little push you to rub your eyes. It’s a starterof course, and it will take tougher evenings to know who this young man who pushed Giuntoli & Micheli, diesse and head of scouting, to convince Adl to put ten million euros on the bench: but a clue is a third of a test. Faouzi’s greeting Ghoulam has reopened wounds in the collective imagination, because the mighty and elegant rush of what had become one of the strongest low left outsiders on the planet has turned into aching melancholy: and the Naplesto get rid of the dust of a five-year period spent waiting for the Algerian to return to himself, he proceeded to fill the band with Mathias Oliverahe has a body and a race, he comes from a football that is approaching Italy, he is Uruguayan and Cavani introduced it to the city.

The Osimhen enigma

In fact, you are well into a labyrinth, artfully built by destiny: no one really knows what the escape route is, nor how long it takes to find it, because it depends on others, first of all, and on what this market will say. In such a spacious universe, there is a (almost) permanent center of gravity which is represented by Victor Osimhenfrom its exuberance, from its innate ability to become decisive: the O-factor affects, and how, especially now that (also) the Bayern Monaco, and 110 million (vil) money can always lead to be seduced. It is human. But it is not taken for granted that it will happen, because Napoli does not intend to go below that figure which represents the main way to invest and rebuild: it happened with Cavanithen with Higuainand only the possibility of reworking your own project and painting it fresh would push you to deprive yourself of a 23-year-old with many goals in his strings. However, in the meantime, Napoli launched a look around and inquired about Beto of Udinese, and also on Deulofeuand certain questions serve to have an alternative or even preventive plan in which Bernardeschi also ended up, contacted to have the perception of his own will in front of him.

Naples, Osimhen possible 'engine' of the market: who can go out and the objectives

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Naples, Osimhen possible ‘engine’ of the market: who can go out and the objectives

The Koulibaly situation

Then, there is Koulibalynot just any one, with his own contract which will expire in 2023 and any turning point to consider: the market value cannot fall below 40 million euros but Napoli hopes to convince their captain a renew. In the deepest mystery, the fate of Ospina – with Vicar And Gollini goals already tested, such as Hjulmand for the midfield – and of Mertens, both now a zero parameter and in any case profiles from which Adl would not want to break away but for which the economic sacrifice would still be kept in line with the parameters and limits already set, which provide for cost containment. In this game that dispenses millions of euros for the moment very virtual, there is also the possibility that nothing will change in the opaque horizon of the market and that Napoli will restart (also) from Koulibaly and Osimheni pillars of a ridge on which Spalletti is counting on starting anew, in order not to see his own identity almost completely erased. It will be mind-boggling weeks.

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