The Serie B more than A and the market of the others

The last firework is that of Mané, it arrives while the shots of Gravenberch, Tchouaméni, Vitinha, Haaland, Nuñez, Perisic still shine. Italian football observes them with the desire and frustration of the beholder, from his small balcony, at the fireworks display that takes place in a distant land, and of which only the glow reaches him. Of course, we can still console ourselves with the return of the prodigal son Lukaku, with the expired and not renewed contracts of Pogba and Di Maria, and with some other shooting stars beached by the excess of the English and French star system. Our «Serie more B than A», as Paolo Scaroni defines it with ruthless realism in an interview with the Foglio, could not offer better. The stadiums are at stake, the TV rights are worth crumbs, the referees whistle like bureaucrats, the show appears boring. Italian football is in a basement and, above all, it does not seem to have the energy or the ideas to climb the steps that separate it from the other Top Leagues. To which all the foreign stars aspire that also show themselves here, from Leão to Abraham, from Osimhen to Milinkovic. Each of them, if he could, would go to play in the Premier League on foot, swimming across the English Channel.
You would expect that, in the face of this sunset, Italian football would make an examination of conscience and then change direction. By cleaning up the accounts, by reforming the leagues, by blocking to ask politics for facilitations to invest, not tax discounts to fill up with foreigners. Instead nothing happens. Despite Mancini’s imagination, the national team has just shown the extreme fragility of the system. But all the conditions that produced it are far from being addressed. Indeed, Italian football is facing the bloodiest internal war in its recent history. The Federation and the League duel with stamped cards on the liquidity index and the first, defeated in the perimeter of sports justice, appeals to the Lazio TAR. Net of the reasons and the wrongs, on which it is right to await the outcome of the judgment, one cannot fail to note that litigation has become the language and grammar of an entire ruling class which, unfortunately, escapes the danger of being archived from irrelevance. On the eve of a championship that will be interrupted in November for two months, and on which the stigma of the second exclusion from the World Cup is projected, everyone has the duty to ask themselves if he does not cover, with the conflict, his inability to plan a different future for football.

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