Le richieste di Giampaolo e il doppio direttore sportivo: nasce la nuova Sampdoria

Try again Sampdoria. The Sampdoria, after an unforgettable salvation for the fans, arrived moreover following a derby that will remain in the annals of the history of the Genoese team, have begun to reschedule the 22/23 season having to deal with a company for sale and all the difficulties related to the economic management of the club, still awaiting new ownership. The men of the Dorian counts Bosco and Panconi, together with the lawyer Romei and the president Lanna, studied the possible margins of maneuver, immediately identifying the first piece to be affixed, namely the reconfirmation of Marco Giampaolo on the bench.

NEVER IN DOUBT – In reality, Giampaolo’s stay at Sampdoria was not never been questioned, on a contractual level (with the salvation a two-year renewal was triggered automatically) but above all from the point of view of ideas. “I am for clarity, to know if we can only drink water now we will drink only water, tomorrow maybe we can drink champagne, but at least we know,” he said recently in an interview. Translated: Giampaolo asked clarity, of programs and above all ‘command’. He does not want the wrong messages to pass outside, for example on objectives, as often happened in the past with Ferrero, and wants to have a clear interlocutor in the market. Also because, currently, too many figures gravitate around Sampdoria. Giampaolo received the reassurances requested on Monday: meeting in Rome, in Romei’s studio, with Genoa connected by videoconference and white smoke. Giampaolo will wear the helmet, ‘drink water’ and fight to save Sampdoria. Market movements will be agreed together as much as possible, by consulting the coach and asking his opinion.

DOUBLE DS – One of the situations to which Giampaolo refers, when he asks for clarity, is that of double sporting director. Sampdoria today lives in an unusual situation, having both Carlo in staff Osti than Daniele Faggiano. Just this morning, in the Ligurian capital, a meeting between the company and managers is scheduled. We will most likely try to divide up the tasks, dividing tasks and competences e reorganizing the corporate structure, not only at the level of directorate but more generally. The feeling is that there will be no forced removals: Sampdoria will remain like thiswith this staff and a better division of the areas of maneuver, unless they arrive proposals for one of the two directors. In that case, from Corte Lambruschini they will certainly not get in the way, on the contrary, they could facilitate the exit of one of the two.

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