I rinnovi di Maldini e Massara, Renato Sanches e Botman: Milan, inizia la settimana più calda

Hot climate in Milan, not only for the scorching heat that grips the Lombard capital and the rest of Italy: a crucial week for the future of Milan begins. The calendar reminds us that there are ten days left until June 30, the date that marks the end of the sporting season but also marks the expiration of two of the main architects of the AC Milan championship: Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara. How was it possible that management had not yet signed the renewal a few days after the contract expired we asked ourselves this and we asked it in the 7 questions to ask Elliott. Net of a change of ownership, with the passage in the hands of RedBird which will be completed in September, which inevitably led to slowdowns, it is clear that the failure to define this situation has had a cascade effect on all market operations, frozen for the most part even in the presence of agreements already reached for some time.

TIME IS CLOSING Now there is no more timethe limit is almost upon us and the week that begins becomes the most crucial to close this affair and carry on the planning strategies for next season. The desire to continue at Milan has never been in question and the long confrontation between Maldini and Gerry Cardinale served to lay the foundations for the new project, but now you need to formalize to unlock all the set operations and not risk last-minute insult. In this sense, the cases Renato Sanches and Sven Botman are the most obvious. Both betrothed to Devilconvinced by the idea of ​​embracing the Rossoneri cause and determined to resist even the important and rich advances arriving from the rest of Europe to respect the word given to Maldini, but the stalemate does not help in the mission.

SANCHES – “Choose what’s best for your soul, not your ego“the Portuguese midfielder exhibits on social media, a message that feeds Milan’s hopes. Precious more than ever, since Mendes has already warned AC Milan of the arrival of a rich offer (around 30 million euros) from PSG. Figures which, if confirmed, would jeopardize an operation that the Devil he could close completely three weeks ago, having the agreement with the player in his pocket (4 years at 3 million plus bonuses per season), and the agreement in principle with Lille for 18 million in total. Maldini and Massara, however, did not receive authorization to proceed due to the company stalemate and the deal has become complicated.

BOTMAN – Analogous speech for Botman, on which the Newcastle giving Lille the opportunity to play the upside and bring the price tag to over 30 million euros. The Dutch defender has no doubts about Milan and will respect the promise made to the Devil and Maldini remains the priority, the ball then returns to the Rossoneri who must meet the requests of the French club in order to define the deal. And if the coming week promises to be hot for what has been written previously, it will be particularly so on the Botman front, because according to what we learned from Calciomercato.com, important news on the future of the 2000 class are expected in the next few days: Milan or Newcastle, with PSG in the background in the event of a black smoke for Skriniar, it will soon be discovered who will win for the player. Monday 20 June 2022: between the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the hottest week for the future of Devil.

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