The promoting committee of the Rieti-Amatrice-Terminillo SKIROLL World Cup was presented in Rieti

Rieti 11 June 2022. Rieti flies around the world with the official presentation of the promoting Committee of the SKIROLL World Cup which will take place on 9, 10, 11 September with a stop in Rieti Terminillo-Amatrice. Full audience in the Cloister of the Civic Museum to experience an important day for the Rieti area: for the first time ever a world competition arrives in a discipline of the Federation of SCI.

Thanks to an intuition of the patron of the Festival Sergio Battisti, the partnership between the Festival and the FISI was born, which last year brought a stage of the Italian Cup and the Italian Championship to Rieti and Amatrice. By virtue of an effective organization of the event it was possible to nominate Rieti for a stage of the World Cup. PRESENTATION OF THE PROMOTING COMMITTEE OF THE SKIROLL WORLD CUP To hold the presentation of the Committee, the President of CONI Lazio (one of the sponsors of the Festival) Riccardo Viola: “Rieti has matured and grown, before we only talked about athletics and basketball today thanks to the Rieti Sport Festival we talk about roller skis at great levels and together with wakeboarding on the lake of the jump thanks to Claudio Ponzani, this territory is becoming central to Italy. Sport can have great strength for change and I am happy that such an important competition as the World Cup can also take place in Amatrice, which needs everyone to be reborn “. President Viola then addressing the students of the Carlo Jucci Liceo Scientifico with a sporting orientation spoke of the growth of sports culture that must start from the school – it is there that we train new athletes, managers, sports entrepreneurs who can then give value to all the movement – he concluded recalling the CONI-SCHOOL projects. The President of Coni Lazio could not fail to greet the stars of the SCI present at the Festival to receive the traditional RSF Award of Merit: Stefania Balemondo, Gabriella Paruzzi, Denise Karbon, Antonella Confortola. “You are a pride for the whole of Italy between the World Cup and the Olympics you have brought a great baggage of victories that have made this sport and the number of fans grow. You are an example for the boys. “


Lazio Region through the memorandum of understanding with the Federations (present Ass. Di Berardino) Province of Rieti-Amatrice Municipality of Rieti Municipality of Rieti (present the Sport delegate Roberto Donati) Municipality of Amatrice (present the Councilor Luca Poli) ASD Winter Sport Club Subiaco (the President Micozzi and Vice President Giorgio Tognetti present) Artemisio Ski club (the Vice President Poli present) Jucci Scientific High School sports address (Director Stefania Santarelli present) Rieti Sport Festival (the patron Sergio Battisti and Safety Manager Gianluca Giovannelli present) )


The stars of the SCI were greeted by prolonged applause and on the stage of the Festival, they were interviewed by the journalist Stefano Meloccaro sports director of the Rieti Sport Festival. Each champion was introduced by exciting videos that retraced their extraordinary career. Between anecdotes, confessions, laughter and lives lived with values, the multi-medal winners of the SCI have left their mark on the Sabine capital.


Antonella Confortola was awarded by the Regional Councilor Claudio Di Berardino Denis Karbon awarded by the Deputy Commissioner Andrea Vitalone Gabriella Paruzzi awarded by the President of CONI Lazio, Riccardo Viola Stefania Belmondo awarded by the Commander of the Carabinieri, Col. Bruno Bellini ALL AT THE RIVER: between flyboards, rafting, enduro, fencing An intense day of sporting activity along the suggestive embankment of the Velino river equipped for numerous disciplines: from the afternoon until late evening it was possible for the community to try some specialties such as packrafting, softrafting, historical and Viking fencing and attend the Enduro performances. At 8 pm a surprising event took place on the river: a spectacular FlyBoard with the evolution and the most dynamic tricks of Mattia Lancia, instructor, rider, hydrofly showman appreciated in all international competitions. A large audience “crowded” above the Roman bridge witnessed the marvelous evolutions in water and in the air of this extraordinary rider. The day ended with a walk by night, a friendly journey through the alleys of the city at night.


Estathé Tournament 3×3 Italy Streetbasket FIP ​​Circuit Top category, Open female and male. 12 teams, 3 days of 4 Italian-style roundtrips. After an intense two days, the 4Boys, a team of players from Rieti, ranked first.


11 and 12 June within the Rieti Sport Festival and Wasca International, Rieti will again be the Capital of Martial Arts. The first big date in the city after the pandemic. Csen, Wasca international and Rieti Sport Festival together for a splendid adventure: over 35 sports clubs, from all over Italy, are accredited and already present in our city. The great event was promoted by the schools of the Masters Strinati Fabrizio (7 dan of Ju Jitsu Csen and wasca and National Technical Director of Krav Maga Tss training method he founded) and Strinati Andrea, which will end with the exams of the students and instructors.

Today 12 June in addition to the artistic gymnastics show Forza e Libertà, there will be the grand finale A starting at 17, free admission with Padel Day in support of Unicef ​​with many special players: Max Gazzè, Marino Bartoletti, Vincent Candela, Francesco Of the Year, Andrea Silenzi, Dario Marcolin, Davide Moscardelli, Andrea Scanzi, Marino Bartoletti, Pierdavide Carone, Leonardo Metalli, Antonio Mezzancella Paolo Rozera, Stefano Tonut.

The 2022 edition was supported by the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Rieti, the Province of Rieti, the Varrone Foundation, sponsored by Sport and Health and CONI LAZIO. The patron of the Festival, Sergio Battisti once again highlights the precious support of one of the main European banking groups, Intesa Sanpaolo, and the support of some of the best Italian companies in the food sector: DimmidiSì – La Linea Verde, a leading Italian group in fruit and vegetables, Zanetti Formaggi and Igor Gorgonzola. Also confirmed this year the partnership with SKY SPORT and CORRIERE DELLO SPORT. Automotive Rieti is once again the mobility partner of the event.

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