The Pedrini era ends in Modena, Giulia Gabana president

MODENA- Modena Volley turns the page, after nine seasons Catia Pedrini is no longer the number 1 of the club. The news had been in the air for some time but was made official today during a press conference in which the only one absent was Pedrini who will probably tell the background of her in the coming days. The new corporate structure sees Giulia Gabana in command of the club, someone who knows about volleyball having led the Gabeca Montichiari several years ago, taking the place of her father. Alongside her there will be Michele Storci, who with his brand, Atlantic Fluid Tech is sponsor of the club, who will be vice president and Andrea Sartoretti confirmed in the role of general manager.


It was a difficult and demanding period because I think that the sale of a prestigious club like Modena Volley is an important thing and we certainly did not take it lightly. Before talking about the new one, I would like to address a thought to Catia Pedrini, a person to whom I am very attached and who in these five years has made me grow in all senses. If Modena volley today is what her credit is, it certainly goes to her who has always given 100% as passion, love and dedication to the club, with considerable economic efforts. We have come from a really difficult month and a half, of a long negotiation that in the end did not go well and that certainly slowed down the work. Let me introduce Michele Storci who will be by my side in this adventure, his enthusiasm was a ray of sunshine after two really dark weeks. We will share the future with him. The Modena crisis arises above all from the pandemic and the limitation of the public. The result was a debt to be paid off. We tried to sell to Giuseppe Vinci but the foundations were lacking to guarantee the continuity that Catia especially wanted. We have therefore followed other paths and today we are here with full confidence for the future “.


«This is a project that for us was born three years ago, obviously we are interested in the team but also the part rooted in the territory. Giulia’s project seemed interesting to us, we have the same vision of the team and the rest and this made us decide to marry this adventure ».


«We are already working to build a high-level team. From a technical point of view, we can count on many players still under contract and on many young talents who can return from loans. Unfortunately we could not keep Nimir, time did not allow it. We will take advantage of the opportunities that the market can offer to present ourselves competitively at the starting line. Obviously, it is our intention to confirm Andrea Giani and all the technical staff, they all proved to be very willing to stay ».

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