The Octopus is served: it will be Pogba's Juve

TURIN – Pogba-Juve, here we are. The return of the Octopus in black and white is now thing done: they do not exist anymore obstaclesthere are no more competitors on the horizon who can undermine the second marriage of the French to the Lady. The Paris Saint-Germain it was one temptation but it is long gone, despite the latest rumors coming from beyond the Alps. The choice of Paul was clear almost immediately: Juve and only Juve. He reflected, of course, on the chance that lay ahead of him for the last major stage of his career and the idea of ​​Paris touched him and how. But the wants to return to what has always remained his second home, in the environment in which he feels loved and pampered and with which he has maintained a very close bond even at a distance, has prevailed and has been decisive. And so Pogba marries the Juve for the second time to renew the thread of the speech interrupted in the summer of 2016 when he returned to the Premier League for the record sum, at the time, of 105 million. Six years later, he takes the reverse path: from Manchester to Turin at no cost, as in 2012, when it was only a sample project. Now Paul really is champion: in the first four years of Juventus he exploded, then he climbed to the top of the world with France in 2018, in what has so far been the highest point of his parable, and now he is looking for a relaunch afterwards a complicated and stingy last three years of satisfaction between injuries and lack of results at United. “I have no margin for error,” he revealed in the trailer for “Pogmentary”, the docu-series out on Prime Video France, about the choice of his new team. And there is no doubt that Juve is the most congenial choice to smile again, also because, in another recent interview, Paul stressed that “in order to perform at my best I have to feel loved”. All come backin short.

Pogba at the center of the project

Pogba will sign a contract which should be of four years, and not just three as initially thought, with the maximum possible salary for the top players at Continassa, namely 7.5-8 million plus bonuses. There society he decided to make one effort significant also taking advantage of the tax benefits of the Growth Decree (taxes reduced by 50% for workers, footballers in this case, who return to Italy after at least two years of work abroad to stay there for at least two years). The horizon of the agreement testifies that Paul will be the new fulcrum of the Juventus midfield, the Department more in need of a qualitative leap. The Octopus will bring physical power, class, international standing, offensive insertions, leadership. Perhaps this last characteristic will have to be among those prevalent to take a team back from a disappointing season without titles by the hand and bring it back to the top. Pogba will play the left midfielder in a three-way team, considering the 4-3-3 suit of choice for Max, with Locatelli central reference and one between Zakaria and McKennie To the right. He will be at the center of Juve and the new image man, the face that from a commercial point of view allows you to overcome the farewells in sequence of two heavyweights like Ronaldo and Dybala.

Only the announcement is missing

All done and ready to welcome back Pogba, so. There Juve he’s arranging the last ones details of the deal together with the lawyer Rafaela Pimenta – with whom the confrontation for the renewal of De Ligt’s contract is also going ahead – and is planning all steps which must lead to the last step: the official announcement. For the long awaited moment come on fanswe will have to wait another twenty days: it will happen a July, perhaps as early as the first of the month, for budgetary and bureaucratic issues to be respected. A little more patience and then the Pog will begin … bis.

Juve to come: from Di Maria to Pogba, the shots to return to the top

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Juve to come: from Di Maria to Pogba, the shots to return to the top

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